Think Tank Speed Demon Speed Convertible Bag Review

There are many options for carrying cameras and gear.  There are shoulder or messenger bags, belt systems or for us women, bags that look like purses and tote bags but I’ve come across something new!  The Speed Demon speed convertible belt system from Think Tank is one bag that can be worn three ways.  You can wear it as a shoulder bag, as just a belt pack or for those times when you may be carrying gear with some weight or want the extra stability, wear it with the belt system and shoulder strap together.  Three in one – not bad!

The speed convertible line offers different sizes (I love the one named Speed Racer; used to watch that cartoon as a kid) but I picked the speed demon as I felt it would fit my build best.  The bag is curved in the back which makes it fit better to your body and has a padded shoulder strap with non-slip strips on it.  I like that as straps sometimes slip off my shoulders.  The belt straps, when not in use, are stored in zippered side pockets which are located right behind the two side pouches that can be used to hold water bottles, energy bars, a lens cap, seashells, etc.   Mentioning pockets, there are two in the front including one that has spaces for  business cards, media cards, lens pens, your keys etc. along with the attached rain cover.  The back of the bag has a slim pocket and on the inside of the lid there is a long narrow zippered pocket.  There is also another pocket inside of the bag just the right size for stowing flat things like a filter.

SpeedD back belt straps copy  Speed Demon Convertible Bag copy SpeedD Top and Side pocket copy SpeedD front pockets copy SpeedD inside copy

According to Think Tank, this bag will fit a standard DSLR, a mirrorless system, 2-3 small zoom/prime lens or a Canon 5D Mark III with a 50mm attached along with a 35mm and 100mm lens.  The bag was perfect for the mirrorless Sony A7 II camera with 50mm lens I “borrow” from the spouse sometimes with room for two other small lenses.  I shoot with a Canon 5D Mark III and  Canon 35 and 100 mm lenses but I have a Sigma 50mm Art lens which is beefier than the Canon 50mm.  With the Sigma 50mm lens attached only the 35mm Canon lens would fit in the bag next to it but this should give you an idea of what sizes and combinations can fit in this bag.  If you’re using the bag just to carry multiple lenses, the zipper top makes getting to them quick and easy without having to unzip the entire top.

Another great thing about this bag is the modular system connections on the belt.  Think tank has pouches and holsters that will hold a longer lens or even another camera body with attached lens that you can add to the waist belt which will expand your carrying capacity.  I was most comfortable with just one pouch holding a longer lens attached to the belt.  Something else about those belt straps, I did find that while removing them from their pockets was simple, putting them back in required a little bit of trial and error until I got my technique down so that they went in flat and smooth.  I found the entire bag (zippers, snaps, material, etc.) to be quite strong and sturdy as well.  I’m very happy with this bag and I think you would be too.

speed-demon-bag-otter-cliff speed-demon-bag-otter-cliff-2

For more information about this or any other Think Tank products check out their website at .

(This review has been sponsored by Think Tank Photo but all images and opinions are mine unless otherwise stated)


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12 Responses to Think Tank Speed Demon Speed Convertible Bag Review

  1. It looks a handy bag. I am looking for one at this moment to replace my crumpler bag. Thanks for the review!

  2. Timothy Price says:

    Looks like a great bag. I use LowePro Passport Sling camera bags. They are mix between a courier bag and a camera bag. They are very comfortable and easy to access, and incredibly strong and hold really well against the weight of of my gear.

  3. Ingrid says:

    Looking good, but your missing those fabulous heels you normally sport 😆

  4. Very nice…Those images of you look rather New England-ish in the background. 😉

  5. Nancy says:

    Hmmmm… I think you are in Maine! Nice bag!

  6. ChgoJohn says:

    Where was ya when I needed ya,Teri? Last April, Day 1 in Bologna, I decided to leave my bulky camera bag behind as I took my first walk around the city. I fell and broke my camera. That was the only time that I had ever left without my case but I was tired of lugging it around. I now have a small bag for touring and will keep the other for travel through airports, etc. Even so, I’lll take a look at this one you’ve highlighted. Thanks!

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