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Many of us into photography and videography would just love to own any and all of the equipment that we long for but let’s face it, most of us just cannot afford to do that.  So what are your options for when you want or need to use some equipment just for a limited amount of time? Rent!  Renting has so many advantages besides the obvious financial one.  For example, say you have your eye on a certain lens or camera but you aren’t sure if it’s really for you – rent it!  Perhaps you are just starting out in the portrait business and need some special lighting equipment only when you have that type of session booked – rent it!  What if like me you are heading out to the world’s premier balloon event and you need a second camera body just for it?  You know the answer.

Renting from Midwest Photo in Columbus, Ohio, is easy.  Your options are to go online at Mpex.com/rentals and reserve what you need, call and speak to one of the great folks in the rental department to make your reservation or if you’re in the area, go visit the store and do some hands on examining first before deciding just what you want to rent – unless of course you already know that what you need is that Profoto Giant 7 foot reflector for that big shoot you have lined up.  I knew I wasn’t ready to purchase a second camera body but needed it for the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta in order to make sure I captured the shots I wanted without missing any of the action;  hot air balloons may not be the speediest things but they do move.

No matter how and what you chose to rent the process is simple and efficient. When you look online or in their rental catalog you will see what they have to rent along with the rate.  They will let you know if it is available for the time you wish to rent.  The rental periods are for one day, a weekend or a week which is equivalent to a three day rental.  What’s nice about renting for the weekend is that now you can pick up your equipment on Thursday after 3pm instead of on Friday or if you can only make it on Friday, you can pick up as early as 8 in the morning; get your things and still have time for golden hour shooting.  And if that Monday is a store closed holiday, there’s no charge for that day – it is still the regular weekend rate.  Extra time with no extra charge is always a great deal.

The rental department periodically runs these fantastic sales which you can find out about by either checking their website or by signing up for Midwest Photo email.  By fantastic I mean during certain holidays (Thanksgiving, New Years, Christmas, etc.) they run a rental sale of pay for one day keep for one week.  You have to jump on those specials quickly because equipment flies out of the building for that rate.   Picking up your rental is also a breeze.  You walk in tell them your name, hand them your reservation paperwork and they get you your equipment.  An imprint of your credit card is taken, which isn’t charged until you return the items, and you are good to go.

All equipment is inspected and cleaned between each rental and comes in a bag with everything you need in order to hit the ground running.  In my case, the Canon 6D I rented came in a bag with the body, two batteries and a charger.  I supplied my own lens.  If you happen to have any questions about the equipment you are renting they are right there to help you out before you leave the store.

Midwest Photo is my go to place for rentals.  I highly recommend it for you.


(This post has been sponsored by Midwest Photo but all photos and opinions are mine unless otherwise stated.  While they sell and ship almost anywhere, renting is local.)

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4 Responses to Midwest Photo Rentals

  1. Timothy Price says:

    Renting is a really good option, especially for high priced equipment you are not going to use all the time.

  2. ChgoJohn says:

    We’ve a place here in town that’s respected for its sales and rentals. I probably won’t ever need to rent anything but it sure is nice to know such a place exists should that change.

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