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Who’s Howard and what was his dream?

Beallara Marfitch – Howard’s Dream.



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Has done a Vivian Maier selfie – well, almost everyone perhaps.  Here is my take on it with a side of E.E. Cummings.



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Oscar Nominee

Tonight is the night of the Oscar awards and I am torn between watching it to see if my favorites will win or staying with my usual Sunday night viewing of The Walking Dead.  Polar opposites don’t you think?  It is for certain that one of them will get the DVR while I enjoy the other.  But I wanted to share a couple of scenes from when we visited one of the nominee’s in the summer of 2013 – Manchester by the Sea, Massachusetts.

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Boston Public Garden People Watching

Photos were taken August 2013 around the pond in the public garden where the swans, swan boats, ducks, and tourists abound 🙂

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Desert Beauty – High Eleven

I don’t know what type of cactus this is but if you know please let me know.  This cactus was one of many in the private garden of an RV park in Congress, Arizona.  It shared space with Methuselah the oldest known cactus in Arizona.  More about that old boy in this post.

(Decided to post some things I had in queue that I had forgotten about in the pile of other photos and posts.  It’s going to be this and that for a few days until I get another theme going)



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Monarch on a Butterfly Bench

F5.6 – 1/200 – ISO 100 – 100mm macro – Canon 5D M3


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How to confuse a photographer

Interesting title, huh?  In this case it was this one little butterfly that threw me entirely for a loop.  When I was sifting through my photos of the butterflies this one caught my eye because of it’s wings; two different colors!  Initially I thought this was some new amazing species but while I looked and looked through all of my resources I could not find one like it.  Frustrated and confused I took a wild stab at just Googling what I was seeing.

What came up was the answer to my confusion.  This is a Myscelia ethusa/ Mexican Bluewing butterfly.  It’s upper side is black with iridescent blue bands with white spots.  The iridescence of it’s wings can cause it to look various shades of blue to even purple depending on how light hits it.  Eureka! Now I had the answer to why it looked this way.  Somehow the light was hitting it’s wings just so resulting in them looking like this.  Problem solved…





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