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Not even breaking a sweat

Wanting to get away from “that” song that was stuck in his head, Olaf took a job in Miami Beach.  Bet he uses SPF 1000 😉

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Las Palmas

Unless you are quite the world traveler (and most definitely before the age of media inundation) there are some things in this great wide world that you may have never seen in person.  I recall my nieces, then very young … Continue reading

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The ocean…

I grew up around rivers and lakes which while nice never enthralled me.  When I finally saw an ocean I was overcome with the beauty and enormity of it all.  Staring off into the horizon where the sky kisses the … Continue reading

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There and back…

But not quite back.  I am missing the ocean, sand, sun and almost 90 degree heat; the humidity was hair frizz city high as well but who cared!  If you follow me on IG then you know where we were … Continue reading

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Still working on doing still life photos here.  I asked DH what sauces in the fridge does he like to put on his food the most and this is what happened.  Actually the Tabasco sauce is his favorite; puts it … Continue reading

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Good times call for a good…

Wine!  There was a celebratory dinner out last night and then there was some wine later.  I hate spending what I can get an entire bottle for on one glass in a restaurant sometimes so I opted for the decadent … Continue reading

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Still Life: Prelude to an anniversary

It’s our anniversary and DH is taking time off from work (which means my time here may be spotty) so that we can both exhale and celebrate by doing whatever we want to.  A lot of that might be catching … Continue reading

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