What do those flags mean?

Once the lifeguards are on duty they somehow or another assess the situation of their duty and put out the appropriate warning flags so that we the public don’t harm ourselves.  This is what the flags mean courtesy of Tripsavy.com

  • Red flags with a no swimming symbol indicate that the water is closed to the public.
  • Red flags without a symbol indicate a high hazard from surf and/or currents.
  • Yellow flags indicate a medium hazard from moderate surf and/or currents.
  • Green flags indicate a low hazard with calm conditions. Beach goers should still exercise caution.
  • Purple flags indicate a hazard from dangerous marine life. These flags are used in conjunction with another colored flag indicating the current surf/current conditions.

While we were there we did see on weather.com that there were rip current warnings and a couple of days the water was a bit rough.  Yesterdays lifeguard photo was on a yellow and purple day.   Each lifeguard hut has the warnings listed on the back of them as shown in this photo.   I asked what the marine life was; jelly fish were out there.  I’ve been stung once before – not fun!


On this day the flags were red (no symbol) and purple; rough waves and rip currents.  Interesting factoid – no two beach huts are decorated the same.  Have a ripping good weekend everyone.




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9 Responses to What do those flags mean?

  1. I never knew they had so many different flags. An educational post today. 🤓

  2. Timothy Price says:

    All to complicated for a desert boy.

  3. DelBlogger says:

    Did you see the new Baywatch movie?

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