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That’s the way life goes sometimes…

I know I’ve been tardy and downright spotty with reading and commenting on your posts and it’s not going to get any better for awhile you see because…  The microwave and washer both gave up the ghost on the same week.  Microwave is fixed (took two weeks) new washer is coming this week.  I have been having some terrible allergy issues and was bit/stung/attacked by some little beastie which has left a very ugly, red and uncomfortable mark on the back of my leg and ankle – sigh.  While changing the ink in my printer I went all fumbled fingers and now the wall behind the printer is polka dotted; time to paint.  I have to get started on a couple of costumes for Dragon Con and I will be going to visit the kids in a few weeks.  There have been so many fun festivals and events (and movies) that have been occurring each weekend that we’ve been busy having fun as you can see from this photo of me and Frankenstein the motorcycle (from a bike and car show we stumbled upon yesterday) while wearing my Spiderman shirt – movie was great!

And then there’s the matter of learning a new camera – phew!  You can see more up to date things if you follow me on Instagram but other than that I will try and pop into the land of blog here as often as I can until things slow down.  Ignore the DH sized shadow at the bottom of the photo; probably should’ve cloned that out  😉


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