The answer is blowing in the wind

But only if the question was about quilts.  While walking along the river front in St. Charles, Missouri we came across a quilting club that had their wares on display around the train depot building.  I was naughty.  Even though there was a sign that said do not touch – I touched.  You can see by the plastic that is underneath the quilts that there was a slight breeze going through.  Quilts are beautiful things especially when handmade and handed down through generations.  Do you have any?  I don’t know if I gave away the one I had ever since I was a child; if I still have it it is safely packed away somewhere but I do know I still have one I bought at an antique shop that I painstakingly hand repaired the worn by time parts.

There’s just something about quilts that make me think of being safe and warm at home.


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8 Responses to The answer is blowing in the wind

  1. mz&cho says:

    Love those quilts!

  2. Timothy Price says:

    Bad girl. Interesting way to display a bunch of quilts.

  3. Les says:

    Around here in my area, down in Lancaster County, are towns known as Bird In Hand, Blue Ball, Intercourse, and others than are in Amish County. Just about anywhere you can find Quilts that are hand made by the Amish people. They are very nice and quite expensive to buy. Price’s range from a few hundred dollars, to over $1000.00 depending on what you buy. They are always hand made and made very well with colors & designs like you pictured above. We would like one for cold winter nights.

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