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A Big Event

I’ve been gone for awhile attending and covering another event that was 5 days of non-stop walking, talking, screaming, dancing, eating and more; I’m still trying to catch up on sleep.  Just last night I was wondering why I was on the wrong side of the bed even though it was the side I always sleep on.  I’ve been in Atlanta, Georgia attending my first (probably not my last) Dragoncon.  What’s that? Oh it’s a lot of things which I will share with you as I get caught up with being home again.

Now since this weekend Stephen King’s It the remake comes out (not going to see it – too scary) I will share with you this photo of a cosplayer that was wonderfully creative but creepy as heck!  Dragoncon isn’t just about cosplaying and cosplayers but I will share them with you first because there were some amazing works in attendance.  Might even share my cosplay… then again maybe not 😉


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