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Abandoned Places – Farmed Out

Peach picking at an orchard in Utica, Ohio was done and it was time to head home with our bountiful harvest but instead of heading straight home we decided to take what eventually became several side roads to get back … Continue reading

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The Barns of Knox and Licking County Ohio

Being a born and raised city girl I have no idea why I am so entranced by barns; the older they are the better.

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Smiling Safety Barriers

Care to guess why I named this post what I did?  Also, which version is your favorite and why?  Photo taken in Southbeach, Miami Beach, Florida May 2017. I am still transferring files from the computer HD to the new … Continue reading

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Cow Comedy

How’s about a little humor (and it may indeed be a little depending on if you grin or groan) to start your Monday… Why do cows have hooves instead of feet? – Because they lactose What do you call a … Continue reading

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Two horses and their Rat Rod

I wonder how long they’ve been working on that Plymouth? (Photo taken somewhere in Amish Country Ohio in October)

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Virginia Roses and Lighthouses

When we did the Tour de Lighthouse last year the first one I saw was the Cape Neddick Lighthouse in York Maine.  Besides seeing the rocky shores (and by rocky I mean BIG rocks) I noticed these huge rose bushes … Continue reading

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Sales and Specials

I hope everyone who celebrated Thanksgiving hand a most enjoyable (and filling) time.  We did the traditional thing of watching the Macy’s Day Parade and I recalled how once upon a long time ago I really wanted to go watch … Continue reading

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I think I found Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree

On top of Cadillac Mountain in Arcadia National Park 🙂

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Trying to photograph the Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse at sunset

Notice it says trying.  When we did our Tour de Lighthouse in 2016 there were several we managed to get great photos of (see my posts under search keyword lighthouse) and almost as many we didn’t because we couldn’t find … Continue reading

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Great view vs. Not so great view

(For the next couple of weeks I will be taking us back to travels and events from prior years.  I’ve already had one backup drive partially fail on me so it’s time to carefully tuck away the old to make … Continue reading

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