Shooting the same subject – yes or no?

Is there such a thing as shooting the same subject too much?  I visited The Butterfly House in Chesterfield, Missouri one day and had mixed emotions initially.  I was hoping to see some new species but mostly I saw ones that I have seen so many times that I know their names by heart.  I was a bit disappointed at first and then I thought about it.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with shooting the same subject in my opinion, providing it’s not the same subject the exact same way over and over unless, say for example, you are going on a quest to get THE one shot of a subject in a particular way.  But back to the Butterfly House.

Changed my mindset to just get in there and shoot; practice never hurts and who knows what shots you may ultimately end up with.  Butterflies are beautiful anyway, especially on a cold December day.  I did see a few new species and took some shots that I was pleased with.  Let’s start with one of my favorites…

Idea leuconoe – Paper Kite – Native to Southeast Asia


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Fine art photographer who loves to see and capture the amazing things in this world. Owner of Images by TDashfield photography.
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8 Responses to Shooting the same subject – yes or no?

  1. I shoot the same subjects over and over, always hoping to get a unique perspective or improve the photo quality. I love butterflies but we don’t have too many around here right about now. 🙂 it’s about 19 degrees outside.

  2. Sometimes, I enjoy the challenge of showing a new side of an old subject. Cheers!

  3. Sometimes returning to a familiar place is a good chance to see things that you have missed – a challenge to your creative mind.

  4. Mark Myers says:

    I love the Butterfly House. Such a nice place.

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