Christmas Traditions with Nana’s Nugget

Jack Frost and Susie Snowflake here need to win an award for the energy they put into their characters.  As you can see the little guy was transfixed (or perhaps totally stunned, notice the grip on his stroller tray) by the story they were telling him using their character cards.  We all laughed – he just wanted to grab the cards.

“You’re an angel? Guess what! I’m one too… and if Nana says it then it’s true!”

Kris Kringle, a German tradition.  “Hey Nana, am I going to get a treat for not freaking out around this guy?”  Yes, sweetheart, you will ♥

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8 Responses to Christmas Traditions with Nana’s Nugget

  1. Two points for not freaking out when meeting Santa!

  2. Nancy says:

    Adorable! This is what makes the Holidays!! Enjoy!

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