The Snowy Day – Daughters and Daddy

The day I took these photos not only was it snowing but it was windy and very very cold!  When it’s very cold a camera can have some issues.  Batteries will run out faster, snow can get on your lens and in my case sometimes the auto focus was just not cooperating at times. I also discovered that focusing could get a bit dodgy while snow is falling; does the camera lock onto the snow or the real subject matter?

In yesterdays post, while I’m not entirely sure, I think my focus was a bit confused by the heavy amount of snow even though I was focusing on the father’s head.  Here we have the same day (within minutes of the prior shot) but with not as much snow in the way.  Was this due to better focusing or the snow had slowed down? I really don’t know.

In this photo you can tell just how windy it was by the little girls pom pom strap on the left side of her face; it was blowing in the wind.  She was waiting patiently for her turn on the sled as the wind and snow blew. By the way, if there was a fashion award for hats that day she would’ve won hands down with this fuzzy cutie.

What techniques work best for you when photographing in the cold and snow?  Have you encountered any problems and how did you solve them?  Inquiring photographers would love to know.


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Fine art photographer who loves to see and capture the amazing things in this world. Owner of Images by TDashfield photography.
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9 Responses to The Snowy Day – Daughters and Daddy

  1. Valerie says:

    These photos are great! I definitely have encountered my share of camera problems in the winter…the worst being condensation on the camera lens. It seems like it is so hard to avoid especially when your moving a camera from a warm place to the cold outdoors.

  2. Had no idea the snow does that to cameras. Willing to bet it does the same to phones! These are such beautiful pictures, Tash. Please say you’re on Instagram!

    • Not to mention there can be condensation on/in a camera if you aren’t careful. With phones I’m not sure but I’d venture a guess there are some similarities. I’m on IG @imagesbytd

      • I never thought about the condensation. Good point!

        I already follow you, and have liked quite a few of your photos – haha. I guess I didn’t put 2 and 2 together. There’s another Jamaican friend of mine that follows you too: Rouchelle. She was the lady in the article about how Jamaicans tick off foreigners.

        — Alex

      • Have to be careful with that condensation. And Rouchelle and I now follow each other on IG thanks to you 🙂

      • Yeah, any form of moisture is bad for technology, I’ve found. Killed a BlackBerry like that, many eons ago.

        That’s great! I love her travel adventures!

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