The Garage

So where is here?  Here happens to be in Columbus Ohio at the Wagner-Hagans auto museum.  Actually it’s the private collection of these two gentlemen who, if you call and make arrangements to come visit, will give you a tour of their very big garage.

I had met Mr. Wagner before at a car show some years ago and had always meant to accept his invitation to come visit his collection.  Finally we went and it was so fascinating.  There are so many things in this garage, so much history and Mr. Wagner is a wonderful man who will tell you all about what’s in here and answer any question you may have.  There is one car in here – I forget which one – that is both an automatic and manual transmission.  Now that’s a combination for you!

About those 1949 plates in yesterday’s post?  That is his collection of every plate he can find from his birth year.

More in store – Teri  📷

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4 Responses to The Garage

  1. Wow, your people skills paid off to get an invitation. Nice! It looks really cool.

  2. Mark Myers says:

    Some amazing history there. What a collection!

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