1960 Edsel Ranger 2 door hardtop

Not being familiar with Edsel’s other than the name, I always thought they were much older but as you can see – hopefully you are able to read the spec sheet; had to do a very tight crop – here all 1960’s Edsels were made starting September 14, 1959 to November 19, 1959.  Very short production period and only 2846 were made.

The color is listed as turquoise and polar white (which reminds me of a Tiffany’s box) and has a 352 cu inch, Express V8, 4 barrel carburetor, 300 horsepower engine.

Wonder what kind of gas mileage this baby gets?

Teri  📷

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7 Responses to 1960 Edsel Ranger 2 door hardtop

  1. It’s beautiful but I can’t imagine what it would cost to run it.

  2. Les says:

    For some reason, the Edsel was a disaster for the Ford Motor Company. I remember this Classic car, even though I was only 10 yrs. old back then. The Edsel was named after Henry Ford’s Son. I never could find a 1:18 scale model to add to my collection. I do have a 1959 Pink Cadillac that I Posted about before. I don’t think that gas milage was very good, but gas back then was probably less than 32 cents a gallon.

  3. Doesn’t have the Edsel horse collar grill we are used to seeing.

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