Televison and a Coke

There were some other interesting bits in the collection like this Coke machine and the television set on top of it.  I have no idea how the machine worked – do any of you?  The television is a 1949 set (look at how small that screen is!) that he purchased, gutted and hooked up to a VCR which has a 1960 Chevy commercial on loop.  I think the television set is a television and radio combo.

The plates next to the machine are sample plates; the kind they have at the DMV to show you your options of what you can have for your vehicle.  I like that little 000 1936 plate.

Have a great weekend – Teri  📷

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13 Responses to Televison and a Coke

  1. GP Cox says:

    Don’t you just love all that old stuff!! I remember my family’s first TV. It was a big console with a small screen and I was glued to it!!

  2. Timothy Price says:

    They don’t make ’em like that any more. I remember when I went to Dallas when I was 17 to compete in an international ballroom dance competition. Coke in Corrales was around 40¢ a can. I went to get a can of Coke from the vending machine in the hotel and it was $1.00 a can. This country boy got the big city price shockeroo.

    • I remember the big chest soda machines where you had to guide your bottle out of a maze almost. Wait! Ballroom dancing????

      • Timothy Price says:

        I (and my partner) won first place in tango, second place in swing and third place in the Latin division. Not too bad for my first international competition. That was in 1978. I think I was still in shock over the price of Coke during the Latin competition.

      • We took one salsa lesson and decided one and done. I can merinque quite well though. Would never have picked you for such a good dancer. Can you still do those moves?

      • Timothy Price says:

        I did social dancing, performing folk dance, ballroom and flamenco, and teaching ballroom dance regularly until 2007 when I had to have shoulder surgery and couldn’t use my arm for several months. That also put big restrictions on guitar playing, also. I can still do all the moves. I few years ago Bruce, the Cubs fan you met, found a dance partner who said she was a samba queen. She thought she was safe claiming to be an expert in Samba, because few people, especially men, know how to dance ballroom Samba (it’s a high level dance in the ballroom curriculum). Bruce brought her out (we have dance floor in the house) to Samba, but, as I suspected, she didn’t really know how to Samba. I led her through so many dance steps she had never done before, that she ended up having a panic attack and about fainted from being so overwhelmed. Laurie was quite amused how I acted clueless and kept leading her through step after step until she freaked out. The woman said she wanted to dance Samba, so Samba it was with all the cool steps. Fortunately, she dumped Bruce as a dance partner after that. With all the health stuff I’ve been through, I don’t have much interest in social dancing these days.

      • Well darn, Tim! Wish I had known about this I would have asked for a lesson…but then again when we met I don’t think you were too terribly up to cutting any rugs anywhere. How very cool and hopefully Bruce will find a new dance partner. Last time I went dancing was at DragonCon during one of the many many parties. Line dancing (and other sorts) the night away 🙂

  3. That’s pretty cool! I would love to have the cola fridge in my house 😀 Not sure about B&W television though, but certainly it looks cool!

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