Mini Doctor Who Theater – Who are these Doctors?

Here from left to right are, Doctor #3, Jon Pertwee (whose son, Sean Pertwee, plays Alfred the butler to a young Bruce Wayne in the series Gotham) Doctor #2, Patrick Troughton, who you may or may not recall was the poor priest in the original The Omen who came to a grisly end and Doctor #4, Tom Baker.

The doctors have changed in more ways than one with each “regeneration” with the most recent new Doctor debuting later this year being the first woman to play the role.  Each person who has played the doctor has had their own distinct wardrobe and personality.  Jon Pertwee drove an old vintage roadster he christened “Bessie” and dressed in a bit of a fancy manner with ruffled shirts and a cape.

Patrick Troughton was sort of a disheveled hobo in his manner of dress and would often zone out on his companions while playing his recorder.  He was the first doctor to introduce the concept of regeneration and was the first to have his face shown in the title sequence.  I have him here having a conversation with an Ice Warrior from Mars; a baddie that first appeared with this Doctor in 1967.

Tom Baker will be forever associated with jelly babies, the hair, floppy hat and that very long – about 12 feet  – scarf he always wore and his mechanical dog K-9.  The little K-9 here is on wheels (pretty much like the one in the series) and when the button on his back is pressed his eye panel lights up and he says “Affirmative, Master!”

Tomorrow – A very bad baddie!

Teri  📷

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5 Responses to Mini Doctor Who Theater – Who are these Doctors?

  1. Do you have a favorite companion?

  2. Lavinia Ross says:

    The Daleks were interesting foes – those motorized salt & pepper shakers. 🙂

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