Gallery Hopping – Part 2

The I, Too, Sing America: The Harlem Renaissance at 100 mural series was a great first gallery hop for me.  Some of the works brought back memories from my childhood and the many art courses I took in high school and college.

This work, being observed by a fan, is a pencil drawing by Joe Howard.  The subject is holding an old fashioned bamboo fishing pole which was the type of pole I used when my father first took me fishing as a child of six; when I thought that if you caught a fish you could keep it as a pet.

Pencil art by Joe Howard


There was mixed media art, hand made wearable art, paintings, drawings, tapestries and sculptures.  Some of the art you had to get close to in order to really see and appreciate it while other pieces did not come together until you stood back a bit.

Painting live 

Mixed media art by April Sunami – this is also one of the wall murals in the series

This piece of work by artist Percy King is a wood relief portrait of Langston Hughes.  His work is all hand done, no laser cuts, and is one of the pieces that you had to stand back a bit to to really see the complete image.

Percy King wood relief art 

There was also one special guest that I got to meet and laugh it up with at the gallery hop.  Richard Pryor’s son, Mason Pryor, who was there for his father’s mural.  He looks incredibly like his late father even down to some of the comedic mannerisms.  As he said when I asked him why he went into comedy – “I had no choice!”

From left to right:  Mason Pryor, Terry Norman the mural artist, a fan

Teri  📷


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4 Responses to Gallery Hopping – Part 2

  1. Timothy Price says:

    Great looking art.

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