A day downtown: Urban Scrawl – The Art Ladies

The Urban Scrawl  is a 2-day arts festival organized by the Franklinton Arts District showcasing the live creation of wall murals by artists from Central Ohio and beyond.  The completed murals (57 in total this year) are then put up for auction at a fundraiser for art and art education.  This year marked the 12th year for the scrawl and our second time attending.

Some murals were individual projects and some were group projects but no matter how many were painting and spraying, they were all amazing works of art.

This is Sarah Hess and her little one who was totally oblivious to what was going on.  To create the beautiful mural behind her while carrying her child in front of her is what I call having a serious skill set.

As soon as I saw a turtle from the distance I had to run over there and talk to the artist Sonya Lucas who was creating a mural about how we humans are endangering the lives of certain creatures we share the earth with like turtles and honey bees.

I didn’t talk to this artist whose social media name is Miss.Birdy.  She was up on a ladder working her artistic magic.  I noticed a lot of the artists were wearing headphones; wonder what they were listening to to help them create…

Teri  📷

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6 Responses to A day downtown: Urban Scrawl – The Art Ladies

  1. Nancy says:

    What an amazing project! Being the sister to two brothers who are artists. (One is pretty well known in these parts … ) I enjoy art of many styles! Murals are amazing because they are quite large! And it’s incredible to watch them be made.

    I think they are listening to something great …but perhaps it helps with passers by to not stop their creativity with lots of questions. 😳 Because I am one of those passers!

    • Yeah, I’m one of those who talks to the artists too but only if they look approachable or are standing back from their work. There is one mural being made downtown that covers the entire side of a tall building and the guy was up on a crane working on it. Cbus has some cool art and artists.

      • Nancy says:

        I am so glad to hear of Columbus doing so.

        Many cities are embracing their artists. Erie, Pa. has many sculptures and some murals. My brother has been involved in with quite a few with the help of art students.

        I was just in Steubenville, Ohio and they have beautiful historical murals on the sides of their buildings.

        Cleveland as well.

        I am thrilled to see cities involving their “home artists” to bring beauty within. It helps with economic development as well.

      • The art scene here has been growing by leaps and bounds. It’s great! Come visit 🙂

  2. Mark Myers says:

    What an interesting project. I’m sure it was a photographer’s dream

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