Sligachan Bridge and not checking my coordinates

Before heading off to Scotland I researched every place I wanted to visit and every thing I wanted to photograph.  So when we arrived on the Isle of Skye I was ready – or so I thought.  I let my excitement over being on the Isle of Skye when the weather was phenomenally perfect get the best of me.

All of that planning just fell out of my head and while I did get many great shots, some of them were not what I originally had in mind.  Then again there really isn’t anything wrong with NOT taking the same photo as everyone else but in some small ways I was disappointed in myself for not sticking to the script.

In the case of the Sligachan bridge here, the photo that everyone tries to get involves shooting through the bridge towards the Black Cullins mountains.  Your excited photographer here shot the opposite direction.  It wasn’t until we had pulled away and were heading north that I noticed in the rear view mirror where I should’ve stood in the river to get “that” shot.  We could’ve turned around but by the time there was a spot to do so I elected to just keep going and explore more of Skye.

Bottom line?  While I didn’t get the shot I had planned on taking, I was very fortunate to experience such a beautiful place on an ideal day and that definitely counts for quite a lot.

Teri  📷


Sligachan Bridge

There is a myth that the waters of the river are enchanted and will grant you eternal beauty if you dip your face in the water.    I guess my fingers will be eternally beautiful then cause that’s all that got dipped into that brisk water.

The Black Cullins Mountains

This photo reminds me of a conversation I had the other day with someone about Scotland.  They thought the country was all flat, cold and rainy; they didn’t think it had any mountains.  I quickly corrected that perception with a couple of photos of the Cullins and Ben Nevis 😉

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8 Responses to Sligachan Bridge and not checking my coordinates

  1. It’s years since I was in Skye. We had gone for a walking holiday but the hills were shrouded in mist the entire week!

  2. Lignum Draco says:

    I’m imagining your excitement and photographing away – yes, I do that too. It takes effort to stick to the plan before being an individual. But in essence, the photo is just a memory aid for your great time there.

  3. Mark Myers says:

    Those are beautiful shots. I’ve enjoyed your trip to Scotland very much.

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