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Orchid Show #1

The phalaenopsis orchid may be the most popular and well recognized species of orchid; at least I think so.  When someone has an orchid plant in their home or office this is usually the one they have and you can … Continue reading

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The annual orchid show is back!

Phalaenopsis or Moth Orchid. Teri  📷 ( By the way, the current temperature as I type this here in central Ohio is -1 F and dropping.  Curse you polar vortex!)

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The Masked Jogger

Sledding isn’t allowed here (and rightfully so as the sledder would end up in a parking lot) but dedicated joggers are most welcome. Teri  📷

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At least the sky wasn’t grey

It was cold and snowing lightly but at least the sun came out and smiled upon us for part of the day.  During this time of year I will take any amount of sunshine I can get!  This area was … Continue reading

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Winter is for the birds

There’s s’no gull like a snow gull 😉 Teri  📷  

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Don’t bother knocking…

You know the rest of this saying and if you don’t, well, Google!  One day during my daily walk to the beach and pier I saw this line of vintage (when does something become vintage as compared to old by … Continue reading

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All this and curb feelers too

Apparently a cool spot to hang out and watch the people and interesting vehicles go by was this one corner right before you get to the walkway to the Oceanside Pier.  When we didn’t walk to the beach we would … Continue reading

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