Valentine’s Day

When I was a child this day meant shoe boxes with silly little cards (and hopefully some with candy taped to them) exchanged with classmates.  It was also the day my father got mom her favorite box of candy and I got the little box of candy hearts with sayings on them.  It’s a shame that that little candy box may be discontinued.

When I was a teenager and young adult it was the day that some females would show off what gift or flowers they got from their at the moment beau.   As time marched on the gifts changed (jewelry, purse, shoes, a fancy blender and now camera equipment) but the card and flowers remained constant… even sometimes coming from one of the children.  Really, not a lot tops a card made with red construction paper and a white paper doily with their “best” hand written greeting.

We’ve reached a point where going out for dinner along with the many many other lovebirds is no longer appealing and either a home cooked or carry out meal is much more satisfying; just as long as we are together.  I know not everyone celebrates or even wants or cares to but as for our household, it’s carry out dinner tonight and each others company.

Works for me.

Happy Valentine’s Day – Teri

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4 Responses to Valentine’s Day

  1. Mark Myers says:

    Perfect. Things do change.

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