Urban Scrawl – Anxiety

This mural by Amanda Kisilewski just grabs you!  The words surrounding the eyes were all taken from live posts on https://www.Reddit.com/r/anxiety.  They are from people venting, hurting, afraid, and asking for help.

Mental health is very serious.  If you feel you need help please seek it; there is no need or reason to feel ashamed about it.  You do not have to go it alone.

So why such a somber post for today?  Well besides the total insanity that is going on in the world with politics, the anger people feel towards one another for no good reason which far too often ends in violence and death and the mental and physical health struggles of many.

I have spent this past week in a bit of a blue funk because I have tried my very best to help someone in dire straights only to find that my best is only so good.  Sometimes a person can only do so much when up against those who are not willing to cooperate, understand or help by helping themselves; you risk being pulled under yourself.

While any of us can only do so much – we should do as much as we can none the less.  The alternative of ignoring or not doing is far worse.

(Photo taken at the Columbus Urban Scrawl summer of 2018)

Teri  📷


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8 Responses to Urban Scrawl – Anxiety

  1. Mark Myers says:

    That picture is so interesting. It’s so hard to know we can’t “fix” things for others. But like you said, we should always try to help when possible.

    • Thanks, Mark. This was one mural at the scrawl that just pulled you in and kept you there for a minute or two. And about not being able to “fix” things for others? It’s even harder when you try to help and they argue with you about it and/or just continue into their problem.

  2. It’s difficult to realize that you can only do so much. The mural is striking. I really like it. Cheers!

  3. Timothy Price says:

    Wonderful mural.

  4. Lignum Draco says:

    A powerful mural. The eyes say it all. I’m sure your help has done more good than you can know, or they may know.

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