International Women’s Day

As there’s an app for just about everything there seems to be a day for just about everything.  Today is International Women’s Day and while on one hand I feel like fist pumping the air for it, another part of me is miffed that this even has to be a day.  We’ve come a long way baby or have we.  We can vote, we can drive, we can work outside of the home, get a higher education and so forth but there are still places where that does not happen or happen freely and some people (male and female) who believe it should be otherwise.

As women we have/should have the right to live our lives and try to make the very best we can of them.  There shouldn’t be things as “that’s a woman’s job” or “that’s a man’s sport” although on the later issue there are some sports that I feel are just too dangerous for male or females… just my opinion.  A woman can have a strong opinion, express it firmly and should not be called hysterical, hormonal, a bitch or something worse.

A woman can be a nurse or a doctor and so can a man.  A woman can be an astronaut, so can a man.  A man can stay home and take care of the children while the woman holds down the job.  A woman can wear a short skirt and heels and NOT be a slut, whore or asking for it.  A woman can be a great and famous photographer (had to put that one here)  A woman can be a model, a stay at home mom, a cancer survivor, a chef, do oil changes at Jiffy Lube; the list goes on and on.

A woman can do so many things.  She may not succeed in every attempt but does anyone?  So yes! Let’s celebrate women as we advance things for them economically, medically, educationally, etc. to the point where a women’s day is no longer a thing.  I can see no down side to such.

(On a side note lest you think I am bashing any one gender, belief, whatever – women can also be just as bad as the next person.  Women have been murderers, have embezzled, been terrible rulers, in some cases very horrible mothers, been mean and vicious liars and so forth.  Nobody’s perfect… )

Teri  📷

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Fine art photographer who loves to see and capture the amazing things in this world. Owner of Images by TDashfield photography.
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7 Responses to International Women’s Day

  1. Nice collection of images to celebrate the day, Teri. Cheers!

  2. etomczyk says:

    We’re not perfect, but we are pretty great! Thanks for reminding us. Lovely collection of pics of the “sisters” just being.

  3. Mark Myers says:

    I celebrate women 365! They’re all I have at work and at home.

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