May 2011

It was when we went to England to visit London and family in Devon.  It was my first time flying overnight on an airplane and it was my first time having a dslr camera – a Canon T2i.  I was digging through my back up files on my external drive to find a particular image when I came across these and I was immediately back in London.

Amazing how I could remember so much about that trip but often forget where I just put my cell phone 😉  It is also when I first took a step into street photography (a genre at the time I had no idea of) which has since become something I very much enjoy doing.  I guess I am channeling all of those sociology and anthropology classes I took in college through my camera now.

When I looked through the folder of this trip I of course critiqued the heck out of myself; the good, the bad and the oh geeze what was I thinking!  Back when I shot only in jpeg’s and in full auto.  Hey! We all gotta start somewhere!  Most importantly, it shows that my photography skills have grown and evolved.  My editing skills definitely have grown  but even with that there is still plenty more to learn and explore photography wise.

What do you do or feel when you look back at some of your early photography work?

Teri  📷


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Fine art photographer who loves to see and capture the amazing things in this world. Owner of Images by TDashfield photography.
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12 Responses to May 2011

  1. Timothy Price says:

    Memories. I have to go back over 40 years to find my earliest photography. Some of the more interesting finds are the slide presentations I would create for projects at work long before PowerPoint was invented. I used various films and processes to produce slide shows depending on the effects I needed. One process I discovered was to shoot printed pages with negative film and process the film using E6 slide film chemistry to get white letters and various shades of white-gray scale on a turquoise background. The turquoise background was perfect for our southwest colors.

    • Very cool. I am only going back to my first dslr but I have loads of photos taken with film, Polaroid, and little point and shoots. Back when there was no such thing as Photoshop. When it really was WYSIWYG!

      • Timothy Price says:

        My switch to digital was simply a switch. I’ve been using Photoshop since it first came out in 1990. I started using mostly digital in 2003 right abut the time Adobe made the change to CS. So the surprises for me are prints and slides I find from the late 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

      • I’m still trying to get a grip on PS. It’s a never ending learning curve but I do love looking at the old film and Polaroid photos. I have a whole shoebox full of old negatives too.

      • Timothy Price says:

        Give Affinity Photo a try as an alternative to PS.

  2. buddy71 says:

    i look at these photos and i see snap shots to remember events in your life and maybe to share with others.
    compared to the photos i have seen since, they are more art. to not only remember and share events, but also feelings you had of those events.
    from just snap shots to actual photographs.

  3. David P. says:

    Wait, is it TJ Maxx, or TK Maxx? It seems the chain is called TK so that it’s not confused with British retailer T.J. Hughes.

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