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Attending the Theater

This past weekend we were fortunate to be able to participate in a free open house for the three historical Columbus Association for the Performing Arts (CAPA) theaters.  Here is a welcome image to the first of theaters, the Palace.  Now … Continue reading

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Graffiti has grown from being a nuisance (well, in some cases it still is) to being amazing and even commissioned art on buildings.  Some of these artists and their creations are just astounding too!  I love discovering new wall art … Continue reading

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Experimenting with ICM

What is ICM?  ICM is intentional camera movement; not to be confused with shaky or blurry by accident or not having the ability to hold very very still.  The idea with ICM is to move the camera on purpose during … Continue reading

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Hot fun in the summer time

It’s here! Summer time! And that means busy time here in Ohio and for me.  I’ve attended some kind of event (parade, fashion show, party) almost every weekend for the past several weeks which has kept me very busy being … Continue reading

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