And now for something completely different…

Colorado photos by DH!  Today I’ve decided to let my partner in life, crime, photography and many other things shine.  DH has gone from just hauling my equipment  to becoming involved with me in many photography excursions.  His tastes are different from mine in that he almost always uses a zoom lens and would be content to forever just photograph birds and other animals.

The only human he likes to photograph is guess who?  Drives me round the bend but sometimes – when not scowling at him as I look up from what I’m doing and see his lens pointed right at me – he gets some good ones like here when the moose crossed the road between a group of us gawking humans.  In this 200 mm shot,  you can see just how ridiculously close I was to the moose.  I’m so happy he was a laid back moose!

I call this poor guy stubby for obvious reasons.  Wonder what happened to his other antler?

Bird photography is DH’s thing and wouldn’t you know we barely saw any of them while out on our hikes.  But one day way up in the sky we saw this bird.  I failed miserably to capture any bit of it but while not as clear as we’d like, he caught this gorgeous golden eagle circling in the sky near the Alpine Center at over 10,000 feet elevation.  It was shot at 600 mm and I had to do a tight crop in order to get a better image.  It was that high in the sky!  Did I happen to mention that DH leaves all the editing to me?

On lower ground – and by lower I mean elevation of around 8,600 feet – on our walk around Sprague Lake he had fun capturing ducks doing their ducky thing.  I thought this one of a duck shaking himself was very cool.  I’ve never seen a duck with its eyes closed before.

And of course we both photographed elk… lots and lots and lots of elk.

Hope you’ve enjoyed!

Teri or should I say DH 📷



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13 Responses to And now for something completely different…

  1. Timothy Price says:

    The moose in B&W has a great expression. That’s a good photo of the Golden Eagle. The duck was enjoying himself.

  2. Nancy says:

    What fun! I’m glad you shared his photos. Great job, DH!
    But YOU were very close to that Moose. I would have been the same way.

  3. Awesome photos! What an experience.

  4. mike says:

    I never knew how big a Moose was until I saw a stuffed one. Same with a Grizzly Bear. But I also had a set of Elk antlers and a Mastodon bone. I’d have no chance in the wild.

  5. Lavinia Ross says:

    Enjoyed the photos, Teri!

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