Let it snow. No, wait! That was the last time

Saks Fifth Avenue in New York City really puts on a display for the holiday season.  Not only did they have some fashionably gorgeous windows but they also put on their annual light and music show to go along with it all.  A friend who lives in NYC says on the opening reveal day they have fireworks!

The “show” is so well attended (ie. crowded as heck) that the police set up barriers to keep the observers safe.  The first day I was there I tried to see some of the display but I was too tired from racking up some miles walking around the city.  The next day we made it there and somehow managed to get right in front of the store minutes before the show began.  It was like being in the first few rows at a movie theater;  looking straight up.  Still very cool though.

I don’t know what or how they choose some of their themes but this year it was about the movie Frozen 2.  If you’ve seen the first movie or have little ones who sang the daylights out of a certain song then you will get the title of my post here.

Samantha? (If you’ve seen the movie then you’ll chuckle at this)  Olaf the snowman


Anna, Kristoff and Sven (Sven is the reindeer) and a rock giant

Almost Christmas…

Teri 📷




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2 Responses to Let it snow. No, wait! That was the last time

  1. Timothy Price says:

    Pretty lights.

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