It’s a small world – You can call me but don’t call me Al

A Monday monochrome macro moment here (and alliteration) featuring an old phone.  When shooting a macro image you  have two choices.  You can photo stack to make everything come out sharp or you can deal with that thing that goes hand and hand in macro photography – depth of field falloff.

I’ve found that it all depends on what I want my image to look like in the end and/or what I find aesthetically appealing to me.  What’s your take on macro images and depth of field?

Teri 📷

Sony A7RIII – 90mm macro lens – f3.5 – 1/125 – ISO10000 – Lightroom

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Fine art photographer who loves to see and capture the amazing things in this world. Owner of Images by TDashfield photography.
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5 Responses to It’s a small world – You can call me but don’t call me Al

  1. buddy71 says:

    subject and lighting and which camera i am using really makes a difference
    my phone has limits and anything i may do is in editing.
    i like doing close up photography.
    i have learned at what distance i can get to with my phone and with my J5.

  2. equinoxio21 says:

    Given up on macro and depth of field a long time ago. Still have the Pentax and lenses and all but they don’t fit in my back pocket as my phone does. I know it’s limits, I’m happy with them. (If I ever go back to Africa, I will buy a decent digital camera… 🙂
    B. good Teri

    • Macro was my first love and while I don’t do it as often it’s still a fave. You can get a very nice and small digital/mirrorless camera to fit your needs nowadays.

      • equinoxio21 says:

        True. I’ve considered it. But for the time being I am quite content with my Iphone. Zoom is an issue. But for urban photography? Just fine. And it also works as a telephone. E-Mail. Micor-computer… Additional benefits… 😉

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