Arnold Sports Festival 2020 – A Couple of Powerful Guys

Perhaps you have heard of the Arnold Strongman competition where these really strong guys compete to win the title of Strongman by doing things like carrying the Husafell Stone, lifting the Dinnie Stones, pushing the wheel of pain (if you ever saw the first Conan the Barbarian movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger it’s that wheel he had to push for years that transformed him into Conan) and trying to lift barbells over their heads with one arm; barbells that were upwards of 300lbs and more… to name a few of the feats of strength.

If you read (and if not please go over and read it) my article over at What’s Happening Ohio then you’ll know that because of Covid-19 the festival was held but with safety measures in place which basically meant a lot of hand sanitizer stations in the convention center and no spectators allowed to see the athletes.

But while walking the halls of the convention center I saw this guy who had stopped to speak to the fitness magazine woman wearing the Kangoo boots.  I knew I had seen him somewhere and as it turned out he was Jerry Pritchett of Phoenix, Arizona who would go on to finish 8th in the Strongman competition later that evening.

Jerry Pritchett

Now why was Darth Vader here? I still don’t know but I wasn’t going to rib him about the force or anything.

Darth Vader



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2 Responses to Arnold Sports Festival 2020 – A Couple of Powerful Guys

  1. Timothy Price says:

    Vader happens.

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