Photographing in Place

I have been admonished by friends, family and my doctor to keep inside unless really really necessary as much as possible since I fit into a couple of those at risk categories. Yippee! But it is all for the best.  We have take out places when we want to eat something we don’t have or know how to cook (I cannot do eggrolls!) and DH has been to the grocery store to get what else we need when we need it.

I don’t drink regular moo milk so it’s soy milk for me and lately that’s been in a bit of short supply.  We won’t even discuss the toilet paper situation (seriously folks????) there’s no hand sanitizer to be found but bar soap for the win, other cleaning products we are good on, was going to make some pickled eggs but the stores are out of vinegar, chicken has been hit and miss but the fresh veggies are back for the moment and cannot find Tylenol at all!

But we adjust as we all are doing across the globe.  I’ve come to the conclusion that up until I can get back outside again to see if the tulips are blooming I will go through the files upon files of images from past travels and adventures that I’ve never posted along with trying some creative indoor projects. Virtual travel!

Here are two images I did with some Valentines day flowers I got in February.

I’m not quite sure what to do about my new blog where I feature the people, places and events that happen in Ohio as those things have come to a halt at the moment.  My current post is the last one I finished before we shut down, please go check it out here.  I had some others in the can but somehow it feels strange to post about some place that you cannot go to now….

Do you have any creative photo projects you’d like to share.  We could all use some ideas.

Teri 📷

Surfing YouTube has been my thing lately and here is a bit of humor I found that I think might bring a smile if not a downright laugh.



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19 Responses to Photographing in Place

  1. buddy71 says:

    you can still go out of doors, you just cant mingle with people. only go to public places if needed. some adjustments are needed.

  2. I fit a couple of the categories, too and have been sheltering in place except for quick trips to the grocery store. I love these two flower photos! Gorgeous!

  3. Ingrid says:

    Hope you feel better soon!

  4. These are beautiful, Teri. Yeah, life’s a bit different. I’m glad you found these bits of beauty.

  5. lovely pictures! I am not sure ehst photo project I will be in..maybe sthing related to my surroundings.

    About the groceries,is it possible to get the items delivered?

  6. Lignum Draco says:

    We’re all in the same boat. Do you have a private garden? Do you have a macro setup?
    One unexpected benefit of going to Myanmar only a few months ago is that I have a few leftover bottles of hand sanitiser. 🙂

    Keep safe. Unfortunately my job is considered an essential service so I have to go to work, and the risks that entails.

    I won’t give you a direct link, but I think you’ll enjoy this video: Google “the juice media” and watch their video, Honest Government Ad about the virus

    • Have a garden but no flowers or seeds yet and I do have my light box for macro and other shots. I will probably be going through my past trips posting images I never got around to. Be safe, dragon! Oh and that video was a riot! LOL

  7. equinoxio21 says:

    Virtual travel it. must be…

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