Saturday in the park

We finally ventured out this past weekend to get some fresh air all while still adhering to the social distancing rules.  Didn’t quite turn out as planned though as when we got to the park it was a bit on the crowded side.  Part of me wanted to stay in the car and head back home but I decided to just do a short walk, take some spring flower photos and then head home.  People did keep to their own little family groups I am happy to report.  Even though it was cloudy and threatening to rain – the wind, fresh air, blooms and just being out of the house for a moment felt great.

Saturday in the park

The magnolia trees were beginning to bloom and that whispered sweet nothings to all of my senses.  Magnolia trees while beautiful are so delicate; a windstorm, heavy rain or change in temperature can turn the blossoms from beautiful to brown and damaged or just blown off and away.  Glad I got to the trees before the thunder storm hit that same evening.  Who knows what they may look like now.

Magnolia tree flower black and white photography

Magnolia flower and bud

I hope to return to this park in a few weeks when the tulips should be in bloom, that is if all things point to that being acceptable to do.  More Saturday in the park images coming soon.

Teri 📷

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16 Responses to Saturday in the park

  1. Timothy Price says:

    So much for social distancing.

  2. Luckily spring isn’t taking a break or gone in confinement. We are also starting to see signs of spring everywhere. It feels good…at least one normal thing in our lives. Take care. (Suzanne)

  3. It’s nice to be out after being at home for a while. Lovely picture of the Magnolia, Teri 🙂

  4. Ingrid says:

    It feels great to get out and go for a stroll. We’ve been trying to do just that and yet maintain social distancing. There are talks of closing down some of the popular trails here because of the crowds which defeats the whole purpose of social distancing. 🥴

    • I hear ya! I’m wondering how much longer will it be before they shut down parks here which is sad because if you use sense (which sadly too many aren’t) getting out for a walk is really good now for your mental health.

  5. I find I really need to get out but want my six feet of distance.

  6. Nancy says:

    Too close for comfort for me. Stay safe my friend!

  7. equinoxio21 says:

    Magnolias are so beautiful. There were a lot in the South when we to Grad school in Alabama…
    I still think that’s too many people in the same location.
    Stay safe. The figures in the US are alarming… Cuídate amiga.

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