Tiptoed through the tulips

We decided to break quarantine (but still wore our masks and kept away from others) and went to the metro gardens because I needed to see if the tulips were in bloom.  By needed I mean I had had enough of the news and some social media insanity and longed for that which has always been a balm to my soul…plus I need to photograph something other than what I could come up with in the house.

It is what it is!

We went and the gardens were packed!!!  And that’s when I noticed I had this slight sense of anxiety and paranoia.  Most people kept their distance, many did not wear a mask although some did including an entire family of five.  People were out there trying to have some sense of normalcy in a far from normal world.  We witnessed photo shoots of two graduating Seniors and one quinceanera.  One of those senior shoots, in my opinion, was really not following guidelines as they were a large family group and had music blasting for the shoot.

And I felt this feeling welling up in me of wanting there to be less people around me; just leave me and nature alone please, thank you very much.  What has changed in me I thought?  Maybe in recent times BCV (before covid virus) I just began to love being in nature more.  The times they are a changing!  They may partially change back and I do love visiting the big cities still just not as much as exploring nature now.

But it did feel so good to see the flowers.  I love flowers.  Some of the Lenten roses (hellebore) and daffodils were still in bloom and joy oh joy!  The tulips had begun to bloom.  So this week I shall be sharing them with you.

tulips, flowers, garden, Inniswood metro gardens, ohio


Did I mention that while in lockdown I’ve had this urge to bake again and of all the foods I miss I really REALLy really miss sushi…not grocery store sushi but the kind where I watch them slice it up in front of me sushi.

This too shall pass.

Teri 📷


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Fine art photographer who loves to see and capture the amazing things in this world. Owner of Images by TDashfield photography. www.imagesbytdashfield.com
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22 Responses to Tiptoed through the tulips

  1. yuri rasin says:

    Beautiful colors in this image.
    Its crazy that the gardens were packed…🤔

    • Thank you and I know, right! I understand the cabin fever but still…hard choices. I was really miffed at this one family who seemed to be right up on us throughout the gardens. I almost said something not very nice!

  2. Ingrid says:

    Glad you were able to get out and see the flowers in bloom. The more time you spend in nature, the less desire you’ll have for city life. I can attest. As many times as I think I’d like to return to Chicago for some photo-ops, the moment I think of the reality, all desire fades. Keep those tulip images coming!🌷

    • I hear you on nature time 😉 I still want to visit some big cities with Chicago being one but if they are further down on the list than some wider open spaces. More tulips coming your way, my friend!

  3. buddy71 says:

    “We went and the gardens were packed!!! ” this and the rest of your paragraph is why local and federal governments step in and CLOSE places and make the restrictions we have. if people are going to act irresponsible and be like children, then they will be treated as such. and this is VERY unfortunate. we can be SOCIAL but we must not be PHYSICAL in our distance. it will be the few that will RUIN it for the rest of us. we all want and need to enjoy such pleasures but the few put them and ourselves at risk. family units who have been living together are OK to be without the physical distancing. until science and medical understand more about COVID-19, we should practice the abundance of cation. i apologize for this rant. it is not about you.

    thank you for venturing out and for the fine photos. i look forward to seeing more.

    • This virus has brought out the best, worst and weird in all/many of us! Being outdoors I don’t think is as bad (providing you use some sense about it!!!) as being in an enclosed space but I only play a scientist on radio (joke) It’s one thing to have your rights and freedoms trampled on or controlled for a stupid, evil, racist reason but when it’s for the good of society as in health and safety so people don’t die…that’s different! Well enough of my rant and there shall be more tulips 🙂

  4. Nancy says:

    Nature is everything to me… on my walk yesterday On our neighborhood trails… I saw few people. It was wonderful. I understand your need my friend… I totally do.
    I look forward to your tulips… I miss them!

  5. Pit says:

    Here in Texas, our so-called stay-at-home “order” [our governor was totally confusing about what he meant], which was never really enforced, will possibly be slowly lifted.

    • Several Midwestern governors including ours are considering plans to lift things but in stages which is how I think it should be.

      • Pit says:

        My idea, too, that we’ll have to lift things i stages because we can’t have this country or any other on a loack-down until we first have a vaccine and seconly have everyone vaccinated. That stage is still years away – unfortunately. And that’s why I really fear that this virus will stay with uns for years to come. But that – if we look at things realistically – is what it’s going to be.

      • It would be like the instructions on a prescription…finish all medication even if you begin to feel better. And we’ve all experienced what can happen when we don’t take what our doctors have given us improperly. Just my opinion….

      • Pit says:

        Let’s keep being hopeful but still do our best t keep the virus at bay.

  6. It’s challenging to go out because of the crowds. I’ve been staying off of the trails on the weekends because they are crowded with cars overflowing the parking lot. I’ve been able to get out for an hour or so on weekdays between classes. I can understand the need to get out. I love your tulip.

  7. Wonderful photo, Terri. I will miss the tulips this year. Our city’s annual tulip festival has been cancelled.

  8. Lignum Draco says:

    A lovely photo. Yes, I’ve noticed I get suspicious of people on the streets now. If I see someone cough, I change direction immediately.

    Funnily enough there’s a story in the local news about local flour mills struggling to keep up with increased demand because people are baking more!

  9. Beautiful images of tulips. 😊

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