Billy visits Scotland – Oban and Dunstaffnage Castle

After “springing” Billy from jail we drove on to the beautiful seaside town of Oban where we learned for the first time that in Scotland, they do not have the same dining open all the time hours as in the states.  We arrived between serving times and had to walk around the town staring into windows of restaurants that wouldn’t be open for a few hours.

Oban bay, Oban, Scotland, travel photography

Oban Bay

But we survived the wait and had the best seafood dinner at an awesome bay side restaurant; Billy stayed at our hotel to munch on the lush green grass and flowers that were growing behind it – he was going all natural on me!  It was also here that I first heard (and had to stop myself from laughing) a serious Scottish accent which the tourist at the table next to us couldn’t understand.

The young man was holding a pepper grinder and asked the woman if she would like some “peeper” on her meal (that is how it sounded) and it was such a humorous back and forth of her trying to understand – even though he was holding the darn pepper mill – until she finally got it.

seafood, Oban, Scotland

Seafood platter of my dreams

Billy enjoyed sitting and watching the boats go by and asking me which one would we be on soon.

Oban bay tour boat, Scotland

After leaving Oban  we stopped at the 800 year old Dunstaffnage Castle.  You can read more about it on my prior post here.

Dunstaffnage Castle, Scotland

Dunstaffnage Castle

Entry steps

Billy was beginning to make friends throughout Scotland.

In the castle gift shop the little rascal dared me to eat a bag of the Haggis crisps.  He won that dare. But to be honest, later on when I had my first full Scottish breakfast on the Isle of Skye I learned to love the stuff.  Fancy that!

On the road again for a ride up the Nevis Range…

Teri and Billy 📷



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19 Responses to Billy visits Scotland – Oban and Dunstaffnage Castle

  1. yuri rasin says:

    Scottish accent can be tricky 🙂 Sounds like a lovely trip!

  2. That’s interesting about dining times! Little differences like that change everything.

  3. It looks like you and Billy had a wonderful time.

  4. Timothy Price says:

    Billy is a bit of a flirty guy is he?

  5. The seafood there is so delicious! I passed on the haggis but my husband liked it.

  6. Pit says:

    I would have loved to sit on that bench with Billy, just watching the harbour. I never had haggis chips, but I did eat haggis once, and it wasn’t too bad. I always loved the Scottish breakfasts, as I did those in England.

  7. Nancy says:

    that water was so blue! And the seafood looks amazing!
    i could watch the blue water all day!

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