Billy visits Scotland – Portree, Isle of Skye part 2

In Portree we stayed at the Roses Bed and Breakfast which is run by Andy and Lian Na, an absolutely wonderful couple who own and run this wee little bed and breakfast.  There are only two guest rooms in the cottage which means you get their undivided attention and a fantastic breakfast in the sun room.  We cannot recommend this place enough!

Portree is the town capital of the Isle of Skye and is the busiest town on the entire island.  It is a 15 minute walk from the bed and breakfast.  We only went into the town one night for dinner and then a walk around the crowded streets where we got ice cream and happened upon some bagpipers practicing for a competition.

Pipers in Portree

We didn’t eat at this fish and chips spot but it seemed to be very popular with the tourists.

Fish and Chips

The next morning before we hit the road again we had a wonderful breakfast.  Lian Na cooks it herself and gave me a tip on how to make porridge her way.  Billy and I fell in love with it and her baking.  Everything was so so good!

Breakfast porridge

Billy, Lian Na and her kiwi

As we were leaving to head back to the mainland and clear across to Aboyne, I asked Lian Na where we might find some coos to photograph.  She told us of a farm just at the edge of Skye before reaching the bridge that takes you back to the mainland and with a big slice of cake to take for the road trip, she wished us a safe and pleasant trip.

And just as she told us there they were, hairy coos!!!!

Highland Cows (Coos)

Highland cow, Isle of Skye, Scotland


On the road again to Aboyne but first, Billy sings Born to Be Wild.

Teri and Billy 📷


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13 Responses to Billy visits Scotland – Portree, Isle of Skye part 2

  1. I love the coos. They just have the coolest looking hair.

  2. We only had a few hours in Portee but I loved it. Seeing the bagpipers practice must have been fun. And of course my favorite part of the post is the Highland Coos!

  3. Pit says:

    Do I only imagine it, or is Billy really staring aghast at the porridge? 😉

  4. Garfield Hug says:

    I learnt about coos from you and first time seeing hairy cows (coos). Thanks – and what??? No fish n chips!! Sigh!

  5. equinoxio21 says:

    Holy cow or hairy cow? 😉

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