On The Water

I’ve been on various sized boats, I tried to wind surf (that ended in a near concussion) but I’ve never gone canoeing,  surfing, tubing or jet skiing.  I tried water skiing once on the Mississippi River…never doing that again.


What have you experienced/like to do – or haven’t yet – on the water?

Teri 📷



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28 Responses to On The Water

  1. shoreacres says:

    I love sailing, and snorkeling. I’m not a fan of water sports like skiing, and I confess I’m not at all fond of those personal watercraft. Still, to each their own — and since I really prefer offshore sailing, there aren’t many jet skis to contend with!

  2. Pit says:

    And waht about sailing? My favourite hobby!

  3. buddy71 says:

    i have sailed, skied, rafted, tubed, kayaked, surfed, snorkeled, and swam in lakes, rivers, oceans and seas in many places around the world. im not rally a water person and prefer to keep my feet on dry land. lol

    • You’d never know it by all you’ve done and where! lol Whenever I’ve been in the water I’ve preferred it to be clear enough to see if there was something I should avoid! But best ever was snorkeling with sea turtles in Barbados ♥

  4. Sandhya says:

    I am not a big fan of water sports to begin with :)Will never do the kayaking at night that we did at the Bioluminescent bay in Vieques. It was scary as our kayak got caught in the mangrove roots.

  5. My favorite was a whale watch in a little Zodiac. Big whale, little boat.

  6. Ingrid says:

    Just went canoeing the other day. This weekend we’ll be kayaking and standup paddle boarding. Years ago, we owned our own ski boat and wave runners … so much fun. I’m not a fan of sailing (motion sickness) but loved our snorkeling trips to St. Thomas/St. John.

    • I do miss snorkeling. It’s been years since I’ve done it. Only got seasick on a big cruise ship once and then on a smaller boat out fishing in Grand Cayman when a storm hit. Thought for sure it was going to be Gilligan’s Island time.

  7. Garfield Hug says:

    Brave of you to try water sports. The only water sports I did was swimming. I have motion sickness too. Let’s stay safe on land then LOL! Love the photo.

  8. Nancy says:

    As you know I grew up on a lake… so I’ve pretty much have done it all. Except a jet ski. It’s loud… but I do want to try it.

  9. Nancy says:

    When we travel we always try to add a water excursion if we can. Whale watching in Alaska, watching the Lobsters caught in Maine and of course we love to cruise and we will again once America is welcomed to other countries again and this dang virus is gone.

  10. equinoxio21 says:

    I was practically raised on the water. We had a house in Africa right by the sea. I spent almost 5 years (from 5 to 10), rushing to finish my homework to jump into the water. My parents had a motorboat. We used to go to the islands every Sunday. I must have learnt to waterski when I was 7. Love the sea…
    All is well?

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