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What about catchlights

We’ve all heard about catchlights in human eyes being a goal when doing portraits; it makes the eyes more appealing and the person to look less like an inanimate doll (I read that somewhere just can’t recall where.)  But recently … Continue reading

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I want to fly like a seagull…

Sometimes not every good image is a perfect one.  In this case only one bird is completely in frame, the others are just partially in and only one is sharp.  This is what happens when you are working at trying … Continue reading

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A first for me

My first Bald Eagle that is!  Having connected with the local birding community, we were told by a couple of bird photographer friends to go to two areas in Ohio – Killdeer Plains Wildlife Area and Big Island Wildlife Area … Continue reading

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That’s not a bird…

But in some ways it can help you with one aspect of bird photography and that’s being able to track something in flight.  Oh sure, the plane isn’t flapping and depending on the type of plane it can fly from … Continue reading

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Gone Birding

Bird photography is a very interesting, sometimes challenging and rewarding genre of photography.  And even though species vary across the globe and even from one area of where you live to another, there are almost always some birds out there … Continue reading

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He was my go to person and expert when it came to identifying butterflies and a renowned English geologist.  He was part of our wedding.  We both enjoyed having a pint at the pub or wherever the pint may have … Continue reading

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Monochrome Monday – Tilt your head to the right

It’s been 2020 and it’s craziness here at my end of the internet.  We had a tornado come through which didn’t damage anything around us but was scary; shook the house and our neighbor two homes away had to come … Continue reading

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The swan and the heron

Trumpeter swan:  We are the rulers of this pond! Blue heron: Yeah, whatever dude.  I’ll go walk over here. This was right before the heron tried to muscle some ducks out of the way (they did not take kindly to … Continue reading

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Teri 📷  

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Born to be wild…

I am posting this to show a couple of friends that once upon a time I was a wild child; still a bit wild just not as often and a bit more mature now – sometimes.  I forget how long … Continue reading

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