Classic Editor vs Block Editor

I’ve been noticing lately that more of us and by that I mean you fellow bloggers who have been here on WordPress for a long time, have been getting a bit perturbed by WordPress updating the way they are going to make us blog.  I understand that things evolve and sometimes in order to keep up with modern technology etc.  change must come.  I mean, we are all on different vehicles for blogging than when we first started so there’s one example.  But this block editor business? Not feeling it! No sir! Not one bit!  Maybe I am  set in my ways  but I find it confusing that WP is telling me that these changes are based upon customers requests.

Did you ask for change? I didn’t? Know anyone who did?

I tried the block editor once and was totally frustrated by how things went from my being able to post comfortably to wondering just WTH was going on and what is this mess you call new and improved!  So I sent a message to the WP help forum asking what is going on. Will we continue to have a choice of block or classic? And when might they take classic away from us.  Here was the reply:

Hi @imagesbytdashfield, the classic editor will not be available forever. Here’s why:

– The WordPress community decided to create the new editor to add some in-demand features.

– Maintaining two different editors, and ensuring they work together with themes, plugins, and with each other, is highly difficult.

So while I can’t say when the “classic” option will go away, it’s likely not going to be around forever.

Given that, if you’ll let us know what specific issues you’re running into with the block editor, or what is it you dislike, we can pass along that feedback. I would love to see the block editor become a comfortable user experience for you.

Again… what in-demand features were asked for cause I can’t even figure out the basics of the damned thing!

What ever happened to giving the customer what they wanted and/or if it ain’t broke don’t fix it?  I’ve seen some of your posts where you have mentioned that if classic goes so will you and to be honest, I’m almost there with you.  I’m sticking with my reliable comfortable classic editor and if/when the time comes that I am forced into the new era, well, we shall see.  I will try and give it a chance but if it doesn’t suit my needs then I will have to look into other options maybe or my posting will really be stretched out as my speed with which I edit will plummet I am sure.

Having had my rant session, what are your feelings on the classic vs block editor?  If you are now using block after having used classic how was the transition for you?  Any tips on how to make it less frustrating? And if you feel you may leave WP, what other options do you have to continue your blogging if you continue it?

Let’s talk about this… I really think we could all benefit from this discussion.

Teri 📷

About imagesbytdashfield

Fine art photographer who loves to see and capture the amazing things in this world. Owner of Images by TDashfield photography.
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48 Responses to Classic Editor vs Block Editor

  1. buddy71 says:

    I was never asked my opinion. And I’ve been on here for a long time. And I don’t like the block editor either and I have tried using it and I do find it challenging to navigate. But I’m like you, if I have to go there then I will make it work I guess. In the meantime I stay with the classic.

  2. I am wondering who the WordPress Community is??? They didn’t ask me!

    • Pit says:

      If I remember correctly, they did ask me. I seem to remeber to have had an emial LONG time ago that they were trying out a new editor and were asking for beta-testers. I never bothered to do that, though.

    • Pit says:

      “I am wondering who the WordPress Community is??? They didn’t ask me!”
      If you read WP’s answer [“The WordPress community decided to create the new editor to add some in-demand features.” closely], they never said there that they asked US. The “WordPress community” is the community of WP developers, not users. And “in-demand features” is very likely demands by/from business users. Bear in mind, that WP has developed from a mere blogging software to one to create whole websites for businesses with.

  3. yuri rasin says:

    Agree with you Teri. Nothing was asked. I was perfectly comfortable with using the classic editor so were lots of bloggers that I’m in contact with. Good we still have the option to use the classic. When the block finally becomes the default option I’ll give it a go but if it doesn’t suit my needs, I’ll seriously consider moving out!

  4. It’s the classic editor for me, I’ll have to revisit continuing with WordPress if I’m not left with a choice 😏

  5. I am also only using the classic editor. I had a look at the new one and was so totally confused that I rapidly went back to the classic. I guess I might have to have another look when the classic editor disappear. I am with you; not certain why make such drastic changes to something that is working. I agree that there might have been a need for improvements in the classic editor to make it even better but not certain that a complete paradigm shift was necessary. (Suzanne)

    • Thank you for your input, Suzanne. Yes, I agree with you. There may have been some improvements that were needed and beneficial but this throw one out and replace it without so much as a consideration for us……not good!

  6. Timothy Price says:

    There are a couple of things going on with the editor. 1) WP is trying to make a more mobile-friendly environment. I never post from my phone, so I can’t say if the block editor is easier on a mobile device.

    2) WP is trying to make the block editor like a desktop publisher similar to Adobe InDesign or QuarkXpress. I’ve been doing web programming for many years and trying to force HTML, PHP, Javascript, etc. to work like a page processor is very difficult. There are so many variables with how browsers treat code, page sizes, etc. that it is almost impossible to make text blocks and image blocks work and link properly across all browsers.

    I have no problem with WP trying to make a better mobile environment, and more power to them trying to make a page processing-like editor. But I have a huge problem with WP forcing everyone to use an editor they don’t want to use. WP claims it’s too much work to maintain different editors, but that’s a bunch of bull. The classic editor should have almost no maintenance other than updating deprecated code in the scripts when the scripting environment is upgraded, which is a fairly minor effort.

    There seems to be an attitude at WP that they know best what users need, instead of listening to what users want. It’s an extremely annoying attitude.

    • Would you mind dropping them a line to this effect to call them out on their “big brother” attitude towards us? We’d be very grateful if you did! But I also call bull on their cry of difficulty in maintenance. They’ve had the bloody thing for years now it should be simple! At least give us an option instead of their way or us hitting the highway. Oh and I never post from my phone other than Instagram.

      • Timothy Price says:

        I have been in some pretty hairy fights with WP techs about the blockhead editor on chat. They are an arrogant bunch. They basically said “You love the block editor after using it it for awhile. So just suck it up you Neanderthal lowlife and deal!”

      • Whoa!!!!! I can just hear that conversation. What a bunch of (fill in blank with adjective of choice) to be that way. Have you by chance looked into any other options for blogging?

      • Timothy Price says:

        I have the blog option on Zenfolio, but it’s not very friendly for carrying on comment conversations. Plus they started having a lot of technical issues, so I switched back to WP. I’ve looked a little bit at other options, but WP is the best for interaction with followers as far as I can tell.

      • Thanks. That’s what I was afraid of. Maybe WP will get a clue…we can hope.

  7. Ingrid says:

    I’ll admit, I was pretty darn upset when I opened my computer and poof my usual editor was gone. I don’t know about you, but the classic is giving me problems so I switched to the block. I’m still getting the hang of it, but I do like some of the extras like changing the background color on a block. I’ve done that for joining photo challenges. I’ve also seen others enlarge the first letter in a paragraph. Lots of creative extras in the block editor … not that I need them. I hate learning new tech stuff!

    • Pit says:

      Thanks for the hint that I can change the background colour of single paragraphs. I didn’t know, but I really will try that.

    • I’ve reached an efficient work flow with WP now and I am not in the mood to have to start at square one again! I tried the blockhead editor once and could only get one block to work at a time. Never could figure out how to make a complete post – grrrrrrrr! The classic edition isn’t giving me any issues other than when I accidentally hit the button/s that send me to blockhead.

  8. Pit says:

    As you perhaps know from my blog post “In Defence of the New [‘Gutenberg’] Editor” [] I am – meanwhile – quite happy with it. Compared to the old editor it has WAY MORE options. That, of course, makes navigation a tad more difficult, but only at the beginning. Of course it took me somewhat longer to write my first few postings with the new editor, but no longer. I know my way around. It’ just takes – as with all new things – a little time to get used to it. Same as with a new car,, ew.g. Or a new TV set.
    As to WP making those changes: over the time, they have developed from a medium for everyday bloggers like us to also – and possibly now foremost – providing services for businesses. And that means new development in contents [e.g adding payment options] and more formatting. All these options could not have been implemented in the old editor. It would have made it way too clumsy. So, for a time, to give us users the opportunity to get used to the new one, they’ll keep it as an option for at least till 2023. I won’t expect if to be around (much) longer as it’s way too much work to keep updating [yes, updating is still necessary for the old editor] two editors side by side.
    For some help, here’s the link to a very good video tutorial by a fellow blogger:
    And here’s anothyer one:
    My advice: just give it a try. You start like you did with the old editor, by wrting your title. And then you automatically get into the text field and write there, one paragraph after the other. Again, not different from waht you did in the old one. When it comes to inserting pictures, I would recommedn to use the old editor, though. Yoy find it by clicking the “+” sign [“add another block”] in the top left corner, and there by typing “classic” in the search field and the clicking on that option. I prefer the old editor for adding pictures as with the new one the caption sometimes appears IN the picture and not UNDER it. But, on the other hand, the new editor has way more options to present pictures. So, for some special presentations, I use the new one.
    That being said: if you need any advice, let me know. I’ll be happy to help wit my limited knowledge.

    • As you can see, I found you in the Spam folder (wonder why???) swimming around with the CBD adverts and other unsavory stuff LOL Thanks for the links and help offer! My issue with block is that I hate having to add the bits and pieces and not see things fully in front of me. I could do the paragraphs but when it came to adding photos or even going back to edit a paragraph later my Jenga tower of blocks fell apart.

      • Pit says:

        I have very likely ended up in the spam folder because I had links in my comments. You might want to check the settings for your blog and find out if you disallowed links.
        As for me here, I can both add bits and pieces [i.e. single paragraphs], either by typing directly into the editor or by copying tme from a word document, or I can just type and type and type, or add longer pieces pre-written in word. I prefer the former, because I write – as you know – one paragraph in English and the the “translation” in German.
        But I can always go back and – if necessary – insert something new, either text or pictures. Absolutely no problems there.

  9. Pit says:

    P.S.: More about my experience with “Gutenberg” and a comparison to the “classic” editor here

    • Question for you. If I want to practice the block on an old post that I have in my drafts folder (meaning one that I meant to delete but never did) that will not effect any other pending or otherwise posts will it? Thanks

      • Pit says:

        No problem in practising. I have done it a lot, and am still trying out one or the other item, There are two ways:
        – You can just use that draft and try out whatever you like, and then check it in “preview”. But then, be careful NOT to hit “publish”. Actually, there/s one REAL IMPROVEMENT in the new editor: when you hit “publish”, it doesn’t do so immediately but comes back with the question if you’re really done with your draft, and even suggests what you might check before hitting “publish” again.
        – You can also – and I would recommend that – start a new “test” post. In that, you can try out whatever you want, and either look at the results in “preview” or even publish it as “private”, so that i’s only for you to see. I use both methods. The latter, actually publishing it as “private” is slightly better as – at least that’s my experience – the preview not always shows things correctly.
        I hope my answer is helping. Don’t hesitate if you have more questions.
        And good luck!

  10. equinoxio21 says:

    When a politician says “The people demand”. “El pueblo exige!”. It really means: “I, the politician, want this”. The answer is probably simpler. I doubt WP ever made a survey of customer needs. But since they likely have programmers on payroll, those need to justify their salary, and came up to the Boss, saying, we need to upgrade. We need to change, lest we become out of date.
    Happens everywhere. I’ve been using spreadsheets since 1982. Excell was once an important tool of my trade (market research). Now? they have added and added so many functions in Excell, that it’s become useless.
    The block thing? Probably a new “concept” they teach in programming school. Totally ignores how bloggers write: in a flow.
    My advice: get used to it. I already have. It is rigid and boring, but it works for me…
    Saludos amiga.

    • I shall not go quietly into that block editor! Estoy enojada that they are forcing it upon us based upon some algorithm they say was requested. I may try working at it bit by bit but I will not be happy about it especially if it doesn’t give me the flow I want. And I’ve recently upgraded my Word and Excell because I really needed it. Still working on making that smoother but oh well! Saludos amigo!

    • Pit says:

      “Totally ignores how bloggers write: in a flow.”
      That may be how you write. But for my way of writing/blogging that new editor is ideally suited.

      • You and one other person are the only ones I know who have found the new editor to work for them. It did not work for me… mostly caused a *&^% load of frustration trying to get the blocks to work nicely together.

  11. Pit says:

    would you, please, check out your spam folder? Two of my comments, one fairly long, and one with helpful links, are missing here – maybe just because they contained links. Maybe you have disallowed comments with links in your settings.

  12. tedgriffith says:

    I have already decided that I won’t be using the block editor. Every time I tried it I was unable to actually post to the blog. I’m already looking into other options. The biggest downside to moving is losing connections that are here on WP, but that isn’t worth staying. Hopefully people will find us wherever we go.

    • As much as I hate the idea of being cornered into using something I don’t want, I will see if I can make it work. Just not yet! I think I will try making posts that I will never hit send on to practice while I continue my real posting in classic. If you leave, leave a forwarding address 😉

  13. araneus1 says:

    No doubt the decision was taken by 20 something tech heads.
    I tried to give feedback/concerns and was initially dismissed.
    The block system sucks. Anything that makes the creative process harder — sucks!!!!!!!

  14. Pit says:

    “You and one other person are the only ones I know who have found the new editor to work for them. ”
    I know lots. And lets not forget: we only see a few users here who have complaints. The vast majority doesn’t seem to have any. Just bear in mind that over 455 million websites use

  15. pitchurman says:

    I like the Classic Editor. Hate the Block Editor. I hate even more being forced into it. I’ve tried to figure it out, but just can’t get there.

    • I am right there with you. I dig in my heels at being told like it or lump it but in my comments here by Pit there are some YouTube links which I’ve given a look. It helps…a little. Still bloody confusing!

  16. JenT says:

    It’s not great when you aren’t given a choice, I agree, but the Block Editor has been the default in WP for nearly 2 years so I felt the writing was pretty much on the wall. I started using the Block Editor almost a year ago and once I understood what the sidebars were doing, it was like nothing even happened. It does get easier the more you use it.

  17. Lavinia Ross says:

    I haven’t run into the new editor yet, but I only post 4 times a year now, and won’t be putting out another post until December. I know bloggers who like it, as well as detest it. Doesn’t seem to be many neutral opinions out there.

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