Eagle Time

We have a rather famous pair of eagles that have nested year after year in one particular spot along the Olentangy River here in Ohio.  There nest is in a location that provides an excellent view for photographers and bird watchers.  We’ve been meaning to A. Find where they were and then B. Take photos!

And we just did!

Bird photography is a fascinating genre as sometimes the birds are there and sometimes they aren’t; throw in weather and lighting conditions and you get quite an interesting equation to work with.  We got directions that were far better than anything Google maps would’ve given us from a good friend and off we went armed with our zoom lenses and extra batteries because it was cold and windy that day and we know what the cold can do to batteries!

When we arrived, the eagles were not cooperating; some of the other photographers there had been waiting for hours!  One eagle was hunkered way down in their huge nest and the other was off hunting.  Patience comes in handy with bird photography (and a bit of luck I’d say as well) but it paid off when the one hunting bird returned and it’s mate traded places with it.

Happy photographers all around!

More soon – Teri 🦅📷

Bald Eagle, eagle, Olentangy River, raptor, bird of prey

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6 Responses to Eagle Time

  1. Timothy Price says:

    Kind of like our owls. Nice pose you captured.

  2. Deb says:

    Such a royal bird, an apex Predator. Your persistence and patience paid off in form of that beautiful photograph, and I am sure there would be many more to follow.

  3. Ingrid says:

    Nice capture. Yep, luck and patience!

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