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Pink Supermoon 2021

The “Pink” Supermoon we recently had was the first of the only two supermoons we will see t his year. Supermoons are full moons that appear bigger in the sky than usual, though the difference may not be noticeable to … Continue reading

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Virginia Bluebells in Ohio

Teri 📷

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They’re Back!

The Butterflies and Blooms exhibit at Franklin Park Conservatory here in Columbus, Ohio is back! To see more of these beauties please visit my other blog, What’s Happening Ohio here. Isn’t that tongue amazing? Teri 📷 🦋

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This Old House V.2

Anyone recognize what style or perhaps era this house was built in? And which version do you prefer, color or monochrome? Teri 📷

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This Old House

I’ve driven past this house (not sure if it’s abandoned, historic or whatever) more times than I can count but that’s to be expected as it sits next to a busy U.S. numbered highway that runs from Jacksonville, Florida to … Continue reading

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New Life

I’m a great great grand Nana to five cuddly squeaky adorable American Bully puppies. My grandson’s dog gave birth yesterday to the fiesty bunch and I wish I could be there to hold them. We are in the process of … Continue reading

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Hawk: 1 Snake: 0

And now I know that there are snakes in the grass (pun intended) at the park we often walk and photograph in. Teri 📷

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Blue Heron Launch

That’s launch not lunch 😉 These images were taken in August of 2020 and I meant to post them in 2020 but as with many things that year…it didn’t happen as I had intended. So lets just call this better … Continue reading

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Squirrel spotted eating PB&J sandwich in local park

April Fools! Well, it does look like Rocky here is enjoying a sandwich doesn’t it? Teri 📷 This is my second attempt at navigating the new editor which I am trying to learn whilst grumbling with every key stroke! Just … Continue reading

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