Ain’t no rest

“Oh, there ain’t no rest for the winged
Fish don’t grow on trees
I got no bills to pay
But I got mouths to feed
Fishing has to be done by my mate and me
I know I can’t slow down
I can’t hold back
Though you know
I wish I could
Oh, no there ain’t no rest for the winged
Until these fledglings leave the nest for good”

Parody of Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked by Cage the Elephant

These images were taken the end of July just as the fledglings were almost the size of the adults but still not quite ready to be kicked out…er I mean be ready to fly and fish on their own. The parents would catch a fish but not bring it back to the nest immediately; encouraging the young to leave the nest and come and get it.

I did witness one of the young ones trying to catch a fish but come up empty clawed. I went back to the nesting area last week to see what was going on and everyone, adults and young, had moved on so I guess the parents might be getting some rest now.


Hard working adult bringing home the family meal.

Osprey, fish, Ohio, bird of prey

These three were waiting for mom and dad to bring them something to eat. Young Osprey have spots on their feathers and their eyes are a reddish orange not golden like when adults.

osprey fledglings, osprey, birds of prey

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14 Responses to Ain’t no rest

  1. babsje says:

    Very clever poem parody and I adore your Osprey photos. Best, Babsje

  2. Timothy Price says:

    Nice parody Lyrics. Now you need to record the parody. A bird’s work is never done.

  3. Pit says:

    Quite a lot of work for the parent birds.

  4. Wow, great captures, Teri. I used to see an osprey nest while kayaking at my parents. They are impresive. Excellent lyrics. Broadway – Watch out!

  5. Nancy says:

    Great shots! And I agree with Chris… lookout Broadway!

  6. utahan15 says:

    like ricthie in yellow sub
    i ve got a whole in me pocket
    and cash in ma locket

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