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Entertainment at the Ohio Renaissance Festival

This weekend is the last for the festival; where did the time go? As it is Halloween this weekend who knows what kinds of costumes/creatures may come out to celebrate. But for this post I want to share with you … Continue reading

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Food and Drink at the Renaissance Festival

This is just a wee sampling of all the goodies they have at the festival; this upcoming weekend being the final weekend of it until next year. I’m already contemplating what to wear for next year! There were wandering vendors … Continue reading

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Goodnight Moon

The book Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown and illustrated by Clement Hurd was first published in September 1947. It is a book that I’ve read to my children and then the grandchildren; a truly sweet and loving classic. But … Continue reading

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Animals at the Renaissance Festival

You didn’t think the festival was only about people coming to eat, drink and be merry (along with dressing for the occasion) did you? Verily I say unto thee that the festival is more than that. There are also shows … Continue reading

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Faces of the Renaissance Festival

You’re never too old to dress up/cosplay/reenact…etc. The costumes people have worn at the Ren Festival have ranged from purchased at Party City to seriously and accurately handmade. And the makeup? Well, let’s just say that I salute those who … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: This Old House – Autumn Edition

Teri 📷

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Yesterday, we parked in a space that was directly underneath an oak tree; a tree that was dropping it’s acorns. They were all over the ground and later – we weren’t really paying attention to the top of our vehicle … Continue reading

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And that’s when the fighting started…

The Cincinnati Barbarians put on quite the show at the Ohio Renaissance Festival and always get everyone in the crowd cheering for them to whack each other with their weapons. The battles start with one on one matches, move up … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday – Rumble here often?

Teri 📷

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Getting ready to take on the new week

Actually, while it feels like I may be going into battle with some things I have to attend to this week, this barbarian was getting suited up to do actual battle against his fellow barbarians in the ring at the … Continue reading

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