And that’s when the fighting started…

The Cincinnati Barbarians put on quite the show at the Ohio Renaissance Festival and always get everyone in the crowd cheering for them to whack each other with their weapons. The battles start with one on one matches, move up to four against four and for the grand finale it’s an every man for himself rumble. Last one standing wins.

Hope your weekend is a peaceful one but if you must do battle then I wish you victory!


Ohio renaissance festival, Cincinnati barbarians

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11 Responses to And that’s when the fighting started…

  1. This looks like fun (to watch).

  2. Timothy Price says:

    Boys will battle boys. Things never change.

  3. John says:

    How badly we Americans want to be British! ☺️

  4. equinoxio21 says:

    Well done. In the MIddle Ages, in France on the battle field, the wounded would shout “Merci! Merci!” ) = Mercy of course. Thank you was “mille graces”. Then Merci became “thank you” (for sparing my life.) Todo bien?

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