Food and Drink at the Renaissance Festival

This is just a wee sampling of all the goodies they have at the festival; this upcoming weekend being the final weekend of it until next year. I’m already contemplating what to wear for next year! There were wandering vendors that sold pretzels, pickles and kettle corn. Oh yes! That kettle corn.

ohio renaissance festival, pretzels
pickle rick

Of course there were stationary shoppes where one could get things like scotched eggs, mushrooms, mac n cheese in a bowl, fish and chips, ice cream, steak on a stick, steak and ale pies, pizza (that’s not very medieval is it?) and of course…..

This place sold the best legges in my opinion. Very tasty and meaty.

One cannot eat without drink so there were many options to quench your thirst. Soda pop, bottled water, flavored teas (that mango green tea was delightful), cider, wine and mead. With many places you had the option of filling your flagon with your drink of choice or you could go for samples. I went for the mead sampling.

Drake brothers mead, Ohio renaissance festival

Aye! Tis a fine festival to attend. Eat, drink and be merry….

Fare thee well – Teri

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6 Responses to Food and Drink at the Renaissance Festival

  1. Timothy Price says:

    Mary looks merry (the last photo).

  2. Nancy says:

    How fun is this!

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