View from the 12th floor

I’ve just returned from my first trip back to my hometown and my family (and on an airplane) since October of 2019. It was a much needed and welcomed visit but also a bit strange. I had lost my packing skills and had to remember how to pack a carry on bag efficiently – I recovered. And when I landed in St. Louis, Missouri and picked up my rental car… I had to use my phone for directions to family and hotel across the river.

I had actually forgotten which exits to take!

Once checked into the hotel I regained my sense of directions and we went for dinner with the kids. Two years in the life of an adult is one thing, two years in the life of a child is mind bending! Oldest grandchild now has his drivers license, a part time job and a mustache! Not just peach fuzz but a real mustache! I still remember him being so proud of his first couple of chin hairs. The second grandchild is now wearing makeup and has a nose piercing which looks pretty good on her. She has plans on going to culinary school after graduation. Never saw that one coming.

And then there’s the youngest.

When I last saw him I could pick him up and cuddle him when I wasn’t pushing him around in his stroller. Now he is almost ready for kindergarten, talks a lot, is too heavy to pick up and stays glued to his tablet. But thanks to Zoom and FaceTime he still knew who I was and ran into my open arms when he saw me. He is also the hammiest of hams when it comes to selfies. I missed two years of their lives and they changed a great deal but after some stumbles we were on common ground and back to dad jokes.

I still cannot get over my son telling dad jokes. My father would be so proud of him!

Fortunately our room faced east so every morning then the weather was amenable (and for a few days while there the temps were in the 70’s), I could watch the sunrise from a different perspective. Some mornings I would find my mind strolling down memory lane as I recalled when I lived here and would zip back and forth along the highways easily and never got lost. This was before they decided to “improve” things and change exit and entry ramps and made some two way streets into one ways.

Photos taken in Historic Downtown St. Charles of their decorations and Holiday Traditions parade coming next.

Teri ✈️

St. Charles, Missouri Sunrise

There are many miles on my hands, his journey is only five years in the making with so much more ahead of him ♥

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8 Responses to View from the 12th floor

  1. John says:

    How wonderful that you got to see your family again, Teri! The kids grow up so fast… I just got back from Michigan yesterday and saw the entire family again for the first time in two years, it was so wonderful!

  2. shoreacres says:

    That sounds like a wonderful trip! I’ve never been to St. Louis/St. Charles, but I stayed for a couple of days in Hannibal, and had a ball. It must have been wonderful to see your family again. You’re certainly right about the difference a couple of years can make in the life of the kids.

  3. Timothy Price says:

    How kids and grandkids grow. I can see why you are on the 12 floor. It sounds like you hand a wonderful time.

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