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Singing a different kind of blues…

Easter Bluebird blues that is. It was a cold and snowy day when I fell and while I probably should’ve gone straight home, I initially didn’t feel anything (other than embarrassment) so we left for another favorite birding spot – … Continue reading

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Down and sorta out…

Yet again, Billy’s adventures through Scotland have to be put on hold. To be honest, blogging and a lot of time on the computer has to be put on hold until further notice. I will explain why as briefly as … Continue reading

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Billy Visits Scotland – St. Andrews Cathedral

This chapter in Billy’s travel journal was one that I enjoyed but he did not like it much. He enjoyed the view walking towards St. Andrews but once we entered, he was disappointed that it wasn’t another castle where he … Continue reading

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Another tale of Ice and Snow…and Ducks

We braved the cold, snow and ice (I had to put hand warmers into my gloves to be functional) and went out in search of cold birdies. We found the floofy things trying to keep warm themselves. This photo is … Continue reading

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A Tale of Ice and Snow

But no dragons. Game of Thrones reference there. From early Thursday morning until around 7 this morning we were under a weather alert which I believe ended up as a level 3 alert which means don’t go out unless you … Continue reading

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Not feeling it at the moment…

While things seem to be getting a bit better in terms of the state of the world vs. the virus/viruses, the long term effects of living under its cloud has gotten to all of us in one way or another; … Continue reading

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