Not feeling it at the moment…

While things seem to be getting a bit better in terms of the state of the world vs. the virus/viruses, the long term effects of living under its cloud has gotten to all of us in one way or another; mentally, physically, emotionally, financially and more. The price of everything has gone up and it has made us all adjust how we do certain things like even planning a meal.

Going to the grocery store to find out just how much something is now (that is if it even is on the shelf, which a lot of times it isn’t) has become a game of chance with just how much that final amount is after you’ve scanned your 10 items and get sticker shock! We won’t even discuss the price of gasoline – ugh!

But we keep on keeping on.

I was blessed to have been able to go see my family in early December when the weather was incredibly above average. I hadn’t seen the kids in over two years and that is a lifetime with grandchildren. Grandchildren who had grown and changed and I didn’t get to see any of it.

But we keep on keeping on.

The old year left, the new year dawned and then things went not so good. Since the beginning of January I have had one in-law and five close relatives all contract the virus. One family member had to ship their baby off to live with their in-laws to keep her from getting infected (hopefully) while they quarantined. As of this post all but two are out of quarantine but they all still have lingering coughs.

But we keep on keeping on.

Photography and going anywhere to do any photography has been a bit sketchy as the weather has been playing fast and loose with us here. Cold, colder and *&^% cold with wind and snow has frozen my zeal (and my fingers) to get out to take photos many a day. And when the weather was being nice, I just didn’t feel like getting out. Lately I’ve just wanted to immerse myself in comfort food and keeping my cold fingers around a hot mug of something.

So I was on a roll there with Billy and his adventures and then for some reason I came to an abrupt halt and have been unable to get myself to finish his travel journal. He is sorely cross at me and I don’t blame him but then he too has been feeling the blahs.

But we keep on trying to keep on.

And today we are under a winter storm warning. As I am typing this, I can barely see out of my front windows because they are coated in ice! Nobody is leaving the house today. High winds and possible heavy snow are still in the forecast. Snow I can deal with, ice can be deadly. Are we having fun yet?

Tired of trying to keep on keeping on.

I hope that wherever you are you are safe and warm and healthy. Maybe I can push myself gently out of these doldrums and work some on Billy’s journal. His next section is going to be a bit brief as he did not like where we were and only came out once. By the way, I just saw the mailman slowly creep along my street delivering the mail. I might go get it in a day or two.

Teri 🧊 ❄️

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6 Responses to Not feeling it at the moment…

  1. Timothy Price says:

    You get price shock only if the grocery store has what you are looking for. Some of our stores have been like were in Soviet era covid cold war with lots of empty shelves. Getting services in anything less that six weeks is a milagro. And the powers that be act confused and clueless as to why after they have shut everything down, putting people out of jobs, disrupting production and the supply chains we are experiencing shortages and inflation. It’s like they played hooky on their economics 101 classes. Oh wait maybe they didn’t take economics. They certainly failed math and science. That’s way they became politicians. But we all keep on trucking and try our best to hang ten.

    • Yeah…I have allergies so wouldn’t ya know it, what I can’t eat is in abundant supply but what I can…. I was in the grocery store the other day and thought what it may have been like during rationing in WW2 where people had to learn how to cook what was cheaper and/or available. Now we are not experiencing what they did then but it was a brief thought.

  2. Pit says:

    And still we slog on, don’t we?

  3. buddy71 says:

    we are not even close to what the world went through in both world wars with shortages etc. we have it so good, so it is a bit inconvenient to wear a mask. and yes many have been put out of work or had to adjust to work from home, if they had a job that could work from home. medical personal have been put to the max and still have to care for the idiots who say their freedom to not get the vax yet go running to get medical care for the virus they could have been protected from and they have kept the virus in our society. and yes we slog on! going on 3 years and it will be even more years, i feel, before this virus will be at an endemic phase and we will just live or die with it like we do with the flu. but yes, we slog on. sorry for the rant. i do get your point. my grocery stores around me have done well at keeping things in stock. but even today, i saw a lot of empty space on the shelves for certain items. today i wanted to buy saltine crackers. I got the last 2 boxes. but we will slog on. but i would prefer to walk.

  4. Dalo 2013 says:

    Agee, there seems to be a people feeling the blahs, and with wild weather it is difficult to dust off the camera ~ but yes, we just keep on trying to keep on 🙂 With spring somewhat around the corner I’m remaining an optimist for the better days ahead ~ take care, Teri, and keep warm.

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