Exploring National Parks

The plan was to visit as many national parks as we could this year – that WAS the plan – but health issues and all that slowed our plans down quite a bit but we have visited two national parks so far. One was in our backyard basically (almost two hours away so we can say it was backyard-ish?) which was Cuyahoga Valley National Park here in Ohio.

We went for the sunrise at Beaver Marsh there as I had read it was a great spot for sunrise photography but there was no sunrise to be found. The fog was waiting for us and was not giving up it’s moment easily. Moody images for awhile instead.

Beaver Marsh, Cuyahoga Valley National Park

After the fog lifted and the sun was shining a Red-winged blackbird played hide and seek, or was it Marco Polo, in the lily pads.

Beaver Marsh, Red winged blackbird, lily pads

This is part of the Ledges Trail, a must do hike in the park. The rock formations here are amazing as is the overlook view that we did not make it to as we were dead tired after doing a very very long hike to one of the falls in the park that I think was about an 8 mile round trip. We took the shorter but still beautiful hike here instead.

Ledges Trail

We drove further (as in 4.5 hours) to the next national park, Indiana Dunes National Park, which was great for hikes and for being in the lake…and me getting chewed up by mosquitoes. My fault that! I brought the bug spray but I didn’t USE the bug spray until it was too late. Ugh!

This is the Michigan City, Indiana East Pierhead Lighthouse. While it’s not part of the Indiana Dunes National Park, it is on Lake Michigan and I had to go visit it.

Michigan City Indiana Lighthouse

I think we might know that lighthouse keeper.


One of the smaller dunes (the largest one at the park is Mt. Baldy at 126 feet tall) at Portage Lakefront. Slogging through sand is a serious workout for the body especially if you are hiking up one of the dunes. Aerobic workout I tell you.

Indiana Dunes National Park

The final bits of a beautiful sunset at Kemil Beach at Indiana Dunes. When the skies are fairly clear, you can see the Chicago skyline from this side of Lake Michigan.

Kemil Beach, sunset, beach

I’m getting better at being able to sit at the computer longer and with getting around period but it still isn’t where I’d like for it to be. Eh! It is what it is and I’m working on it getting better because I want to go visit some more national parks when the leaves change color. Goals set.

Will share more from these parks in the future.



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10 Responses to Exploring National Parks

  1. Thanks for sharing these Beautiful photos of these two National Parks.

  2. Ingrid says:

    I love foggy mornings. They provide an eerie mood. Nice pics! Hope your health allows you to continue ticking off that list of NP’s.

  3. Nancy says:

    Beautiful photos! Love the foggy ones and how about those dunes and lighthouse. Very nice!
    I hope you continue to mend back to being where you want to be.
    Looking forward to your next national park!

  4. Great post! I LOVE that first “moody” capture. Perfect!

  5. Lavinia Ross says:

    I am glad you are getting out to do things, and I can enjoy the trips through your lens.

  6. equinoxio21 says:

    I see when you mean health issues. Visiting many national parks was a good idea. I’m sure you shall be able to do it next year… 👍🏻

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