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Think Tank Speed Demon Convertible Bag Review Update

In my previous review of the Think Tank Speed Demon Convertible camera bag here I stated just how well it fit my needs for hiking through Arcadia National Park, what the bag would hold and what equipment I carried in … Continue reading

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Think Tank Speed Demon Speed Convertible Bag Review

There are many options for carrying cameras and gear.  There are shoulder or messenger bags, belt systems or for us women, bags that look like purses and tote bags but I’ve come across something new!  The Speed Demon speed convertible … Continue reading

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Halloween Week – Spooky House 2

Remember yesterday where I told the tale of the house where I saw something move in the upper floor window?  This is that house.  See the two windows on the upper level?  It was the window on the right where … Continue reading

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Price including tax – 24 ½ cents per gallon

Back in time when gas was cheap and road trips were what we all took, there were gas stations like this (that is if this was a station jury is still out on that) where you pulled up to have … Continue reading

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Contains Lead

Here we went a wandering among the fields so green.  Here we went a wandering and look what we seen!  (I know that’s not proper grammar but it had to rhyme so there).  Was not expecting this gem of a … Continue reading

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