If you check out my About page then you will see what camera system I use and a couple of my favorite lenses.  Here I will be sharing some of the cool and useful accessories I use to assist me in taking and making my images.  Disclaimer:  You click on a link and it takes you to the link.  I don’t get a thing for it.  Nada, zilch, nothing!  Wish I did…

I used to use camera bags but found that as I changed where I was and what I was shooting I needed more of an all purpose backpack to carry my gear and water and such.  That’s when I discovered the Tenba BYOB inserts!  With these I can put my cameras in one of the inserts depending on what I would need to carry and then throw that into either a backpack, tote or even a purse.  I own three different sizes now.

Another very cool and useful bit of gear I own from Tenba is their Cable Duo 4 pouch.  This thing is awesome as I use it for my chargers, cables, extra AAA batteries, tiny flashlights, shutter release and whatever else I need to bring with me in one convenient pouch.

Apparently Tenba and I have a thing going on as another useful pouch I use is their Reload Battery 2 Pouch.  Put your backup batteries in here and go cause there is nothing worse than being on a shoot and you only have One.Dead.Battery!!!

This is Brian from the Punk series tripods from 3Legged Thing.  I use him almost all of the time especially because he is a lightweight carbon fiber travel tripod and compacts into his own carrying bag which fits nicely into my carry on bag for air travel.  Love it!

I also use 3Legged Thing’s Ellie L-Bracket.  Makes shooting horizontal and vertical on a tripod a breeze.  This is a universal bracket so you can find it for your specific camera brand and it does work with different ball-heads but check first to be sure it will work with yours.

If you have watched any YouTube camera review videos then you may have seen these funny little red and black connectors attached to the reviewers cameras.  Those connectors are part of the  Peak Design’s Quick-Connecting Camera Straps system and they make carrying a camera and switching out straps a breeze!  I have the Cuff and the Slide systems from them.



And last but not least there’s editing.  I use Lightroom, Photoshop and  Photoshop Elements.  When I first started editing my photos I used Elements exclusively and just haven’t let it go yet but as I learn more and more about Photoshop I may one day say goodbye to my first program.