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There’s a new Houdini in town

Nothing like being roused from slumber by an early morning phone call from two anxious parents.  Seems little man was very very busy and managed to climb out of his crib.  Unfortunately he didn’t stick his landing too well and came down with a crash and now has a big bump on his forehead.  “Congratulations” I groggily say “Get ready for more antics cause this one is going to be a handful!”  I tell my son that the little guy has beat him to the punch with climbing out of the crib age wise.  Little man just turned 10 months old and is already trying out his escape act.

Nana reassures the mom and dad that all will be fine as I go down the list of what to do, be aware of, watch out for, etc. that I have learned over my tour of duty as a mom and nana.  I am  reassured as I hear him in the background making all of his normal happy noises as he tries to grab for his dads phone.  While it feels good to be called for advice, a wicked grin crept across my face as I thought about karma.  Now you’re going to experience some of the stuff you put me through as a child.  Oh yeah!

Have a wonderful Sunday and hopefully no one  else gets a bump on the head 🙂




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Nearly Wild

And almost gone for the season.  This photo of some Nearly Wild floribunda roses was taken back in June of this year.  There are still roses around but their time is running out as today is the first day of autumn in this hemisphere.  I will miss the roses but I know they will be back next spring.  In the meantime I look forward to the leaves changing color.


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She gave her answer…

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Monet Dreams in Monochrome


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Arrrgh! It’s talk like a pirate day

Avast ye landlubbers!  Well shiver me timbers, it’s talk like a pirate day today.  And as me last share (do pirates share?) on me blog of images from Dragoncon, here are a few of me fellow seadogs.

Yo ho ho!


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Futuristic Hotel

It’s not from the future, but the unique architecture that is the downtown Atlanta Marriott reminded me of some sci-fi movies I’ve seen where humans live in giant hive like dwellings.  It is 50 stories high with around 1,600 rooms plus a cult following of it’s old carpeting.

Which edit do you like best?


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Ferris Wheel

Seems having a very large ferris wheel with cars that hold several people at once has become quite popular.  I’ve not been on any of them but I’ve seen the one in London, Las Vegas and now this one in Atlanta, Georgia.  While some who have issues with heights do not like these rides I have enjoyed them in the past… except for when riding one of the older styled ones that seated just two and it would stop and leave me far up in the air while they loaded and unloaded.

Is riding a ferris wheel a yes or no for you?

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